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How To Support Your Best Friend Going Through Egg Donation Treatment

If you have a friend who is planning to have egg donation treatment in the near future, it is important to show her your support throughout the entire egg donation journey. Here are a few unique tips you can use to let her know you are there for her, from the moment of looking for an egg donor until the pregnancy test results.

Be a good listener

If your friend needs to talk or simply vent, be there for her. She would definitely appreciate if you listen to her without judging or giving unsolicited advice. The decision to quit IVF treatment with own eggs and to start treatment using donor eggs might have been a difficult decision for her and her partner, so try to be understanding and support her on this roller-coaster journey of emotions.

Preparation for egg donation cycle – get ready for her mood swings and be the shoulder to cry on

We, women, have all been there. Hormonal mood swings that we suffer every month may be overwhelming, but in case of fertility patients who are preparing for IVF, they can be even harder. IVF patients are sometimes prescribed progesterone-based medicine. This is to ensure that their endometrium lining is thick enough and ready for the embryo transfer and implantation. Progesterone is the same hormone that is released during PMS and is responsible for our headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, or irritability. Your understanding and support at this stage can be crucial. You can also show support by presenting her with a diary so she can write about her thoughts and feelings. It can be an amazing way to de-stress. Or she can use the diary to keep track of her meds, doctor’s appointments and test dates.

Embryo transfer day – give a thoughtful gift

You do not need to spend a fortune to let her know that you care. Let her know that you are there for her with presenting her with cute pineapple socks or a good luck T-shirt which she can wear on her embryo transfer day. This will definitely boost her mood on that important day.

2WW – the 2-week wait

It is a good idea to keep your friend busy during the 2-week wait. Go out to see a movie, take yoga class two times a week, have a girls’ spa day, or bake a chocolate cake together. Who doesn’t love cake?! If you live far away and cannot travel to meet her, send her a basket full of her favourites: maybe chocolates, healthy nuts, favourite movie or book or something you know she adores. Your friend will thank you later.

You should know that egg donation is a highly successful treatment especially when the infertility factor is low-quality own eggs. Fingers crossed and your friend will soon be experiencing the first pregnancy symptoms. Lots of baby dust to your friend!


*This is a collaborative post*

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