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How to Ensure Your Family Road Trip Runs Smoothly

With three boys family road trips used to be something I didn’t look forward to after all those dreaded words “are we there yet” may be cliché but trust me they are still very real.

Worry not; because I can help, whether it’s a family trip to meet friends or you’re hiring a car on your next holiday make sure it’s as peaceful as possible with my great tips.

Know Where You’re Going
Getting a rental car on your holiday is a great idea; you can drive around to all the attractions you want to see with hire car after all. But few people realise that by doing this they’re actually inserting a family road trip into their holiday.

A road trip can be easy and fun if you just know where you’re going. So make sure your hire car comes with GPS and if it doesn’t that get a map or search the internet so you know where you’re going. Whether you’re looking for car hire in Peterborough or Australia knowing exactly where you’re going will make family road trips smoother and quicker.

Pull Over Regularly
Yeah, this slows the road trip down but taking a break from your car will help everyone not just the driver. Whether you pull over to get a bite to eat, take a toilet break or you want to check out a few local shops you’re passing a short break will make everyone feel more alert and less fatigued.

Music for Everyone!
Attaching an iPod or smartphone is something you can do with most hire cars today, and if not there’s always the reliable CD is there? Music is something everyone enjoys and it’s a great topic for conversation as well. Just make sure there’s music to everyone’s taste otherwise it could have the opposite effect!

Play Games
OK, this one might not work with older children, or it might take a little more convincing to get them to play. But there are plenty of games you can play to while away the time during a family road trip, I spy, 20 questions, add-on storytelling, and name that tune and much more. Don’t let initial resistance put you off most people will enjoy playing along for at least a little while.

Have Food and Drink On Hand
This one is especially important for younger children, even if you’d rather not have food or drink in your car snacks during a road trip will help make it a lot less stressful. Make sure there’s enough to go around and last the journey. Children will also need easy access to them, if you’re driving a hire car you’ll have to be extra careful of course and make sure any litter is cleaned up.

Consider Bringing Some Gadgets
Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, portable DVD player or portable games console there’s plenty of gadgets children can have to keep themselves entertained during a family road trip. If your car or hire car has a built-in DVD player then children can even watch a movie. However, try to mix it up a little so they don’t spend the whole trip fixed to screen either.

Just Talk to Each Other
A family road trip is a great time to catch up with your children not to mention your significant other as well. Whether it’s about school, hobbies, and your trip or just about anything else you can turn a family road trip into a fun filled conversation with your family.

*This is a collaborative post*

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