HappyLand Ready to Play Funfair Set

The boys have been playing with a fabulous toy over the last 3 weeks. The lucky little devils were sent the HappyLand Ready to Play Funfair Set from Early Learning Centre (ELC). The set is priced at £60 and is suitable for children aged over 18months.

The funfair set is made up of a carousel, a big wheel, a pirate boat ride, a spinning rockets ride, a train, a bus and a ice cream van and several figures. The set can be play with separately or added to other HappyLand sets. The set does require batteries so that the carousel and big wheel have sound effects. Both have on/off switches and two different volume levels. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to have the sounds switched on for the children to still enjoy playing with the Funfair, the boys always make their own noises and are always pretending to make the figures talk to each other and very rarely had the sounds turned on.
The boys love the set and have had lots of fun playing with it. Although the play set is aimed at children aged 18months + Callum has enjoyed playing with his brothers and I’m pleased to say they are learning to share more and more. The set is big enough for them all to play without fighting over bits or figures.  James loves nothing better than to sit the figures in the bus or train and send them flying down the room, he also loves placing the figures on the carousel or big wheel and make them spin round and round, it makes him chuckle which is really lovely to hear. Whilst Callum and Nathan thought it would be fun to see who could spin the big wheel and the carousel the quickest.

The Funfair set is priced at £60. I do think this is a reasonable price to pay as you do get lots of toys for your money. This would definitely be a toy that I would happily buy for a main birthday or Christmas present for one of my boys. We would highly recommend the Funfair play set to anyone with young children, it will give you hours of fun and you won’t be disappointed. We give the Funfair a magnificent 5/5 rating.

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    Roisin O'Sullivan
    28th August 2011 at 6:43 am

    My boys love Happyland, bit of an investment starting buying when 10 year old was baby and everything still in working order for latest baby, having been used by 2 others in between. It is something that they still all love playing with

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    28th August 2011 at 9:21 pm

    I agree the boys love it and weve a few sets that callum was bought when younger which are still going strong now 5 years on 🙂 worth every penny x

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