Getting My Three Ready for Going Back to School

In just a few short weeks My Three will be heading back to school. It’s all change this year though as Nathan will be joining Callum up at high school and James will be heading into year 6 where he will be faced with his toughest year yet.

I am now at the point where I only replace essential items at the start of the school year as we seem to be constantly replacing things throughout the year as the boys grow. We have been shopping already and bought many of the items a child needs for the first day of term or in James’ case replacing lost PE kits, ties, shoes and socks. As Nathan is starting a new school it is a clean slate across the board and everything needed replacing as he has a new uniform and list of things that he needs.

If like us, you’re needing a few essentials for when the kids go back to school, here is a few things you might need or want to consider.


I dread buying school uniform – The boys dread the uniform shop just as much so I try to buy as much online as I possibly can. This was always possible for the items that aren’t school specific but it has never been possible for the blazers and trousers that have to carry the school logo. That is until now thanks to Trutex who are our official school uniform suppliers. New to us this year we are now able to order school specific items online, this is great news for me as it now means I no longer have to drag the boys to the shops trying to find items that both fit and in stock.

A Water Bottle

Both boys schools are trying to reduce the amount of waste that they produce. One way they are doing this is by asking all their pupils to bring a bottle to school to refill each day so that single-use plastics are reduced as much as possible. Our favourite water bottles for this school year are an official Playstation bottle from GBPosters and a personalised water bottle (James is a Manchester City fan and loved the idea of a blue bottle with his age on it).

Personalised Items
  • A Lunchbox – All three boys take packed lunches to school. But James is still at the age where a personalised item is cute. He can’t wait to use his personalised lunchbox. It is the perfect size to fit his sandwiches in.
  • A PE Bag – James loves to play football and often takes part in a football club after school. He is also forever losing his PE kit, and I’m sure this year will be no different. I’m hoping that a bag with his name on it will help him to keep it all in one place.

Another big change from junior to high school for Nathan is that he needs to take all his own stationery to school. Callum is a nightmare and I can guarantee that by Christmas half of his items will need to be replaced as he is always losing things or lending them out. Maped Helix has everything a new starter needs. We are loving the Limited Edition items and I’m sure they will all be well used by Nathan.

A Diary

Although many of us now use our phones or tablets to keep all our dates safe, I still love to have a diary where I can write important things down. Mid-year diaries from Danilo are great for students as they start just before the end of the school year and run until August the following year meaning all those important school/college pieces of information and key dates can be noted and kept safely. Perfect for when you can’t access your smartphone or tablet.

Matching Items

Sometimes only matching items will do and it can be so hard to find them luckily for parents everywhere Smiggle has a huge range of items ready for the back to school shop. Everything from lunch boxes, water bottles, bag, stationery items, pencil cases and much more. They have more than one style to choose from too so even the fussiest will be spoilt for choice.

*This post contains press samples*

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