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Garden Style Tips for Autumn

We tend to ignore our gardens in the Autumn and the Winter a little bit. Time in the garden is often seen as a warm weather pastime. This is no surprise, there is very little effort needed to enjoy the outdoors in warm weather. However, with a little more care and energy, you can easily make your garden an enjoyable, comfortable and, yes, even stylish place to spend your time once the weather starts to turn. Here is the Sloane and Sons Garden Benches angle on how to create a stylish Autumnal garden.

1. Thriving Foliagea tree with colour turning leaves in autumn

The Autumn comes with its own unique and glorious colour palette. It is the season of yellow, orange, red and brown; wonderfully earthy and warm colours. The way to make sure your garden is bursting with all the hues and shades of the season is to invest in life that produces this for you. There are many trees and shrubs that will splash these colours about in abundance, and now is the best time to buy them as you will get to see exactly what they look like during this season. Maples and Acres are known for their blazing foliage. Then there is the Katsura tree with its heavy perfume and bright yellow leaves. There are so many to choose from.

2. Berries

Berries are alive with a huge variety of colours and scents. They can not only grow from the ground, but they can be found hanging from high shrubs or even dangling from trees; they add interest on all levels. There are many varieties to consider and explore; from classy Sorbus berries to the common and abundant holly. Fruit trees such as crabapple and quince are also picturesque and present additions to any garden in the Autumn.

3. Paint Jobs

A red painted shed

If you are waiting for blooms to form, or lacking brightness in your garden, why not give your structures a facelift! Make your shed pop by painting it a bold teal or rich burgundy. Clean and paint the frames of your greenhouse in a crisp white or sleek black to give it definition. Make a statement with your garage door by painting it a piercing blue or a dazzling yellow. Get creative!

4. Bulbs and Perennials

There are loads of amazing bulbs and perennials that you can plant around your garden in order to give it widespread life and interest. Bulbs are generally inexpensive and very easy to plant; they will thrive provided you manage to plant them before the ground becomes too cold. Crocuses, begonias and snowdrops are excellent examples of boldly coloured bulbs that will grow almost anywhere. Perennials and evergreens are hardy and reliable and will help to populate those bare areas in your garden.

5. Celebrate Your Equipment

a spade, fork and rake against a brown shred wall

Your garden tools and equipment needn’t be purely functional. Shovels, trowels, wheelbarrows, rakes, hoes, flower pots and watering cans are all interesting structures and tell the story of your garden. Why not have them out on display? Show off your gardening gear. You could even hand them on hooks around your shed or build a shelving or display case for them. Just as interesting as any ornament you might have inside your home!

6. Warm Up Your Furniture

We tend to buy garden furniture for use during the Spring and Summer. However, with a tweak and a few additions, you can make your outdoor seating areas just as comfortable a place to sit during the Autumn and Winter. The issue is comfort and warmth; so, invest in some outdoor seating cushions and maybe even some furs and blankets to sit under. There are also many sleek and stylish solutions when it comes to heating your seating area; perhaps a wood burning stove, a patio heater or even a fire pit? Treat yourself to somewhere cosy from which you can enjoy the chilly delights of your Autumnal garden.

7. Harvest on Display

lots of small pumpkins ans squashes

The temperature outdoors in the Autumn and Winter months creates a refrigeration climate just as good as, if not better than, any fridge or freezer. This means a few things: first of all, you need not worry about growing more than you can store, there is plenty of room outside! It also means that you can use your crops to add colour and decoration to your garden. Courgettes, squashes of all varieties, potatoes, onions, beans; these are all bursting with style, design and variety, so show them off. The only downside is that you may have to work a little harder to keep pests away and to keep them dry, but it is worth it for the joy of looking at them!

*This is a collaborative post*

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