Five Hobbies You And Your Kids Can Enjoy Together

Making time for hobbies is a good way to do something for yourself. Hobbies can be fun, stress-relieving and help you develop some great interests. It’s good to encourage your children to develop hobbies – it’s something that will keep them active and develop some great skills outside of school.

So why not start a hobby together? Finding some fun family hobbies can be an excellent way for you to spend time together, and could lead to all kinds of new adventures. Take a look at these five hobbies you and your kids can enjoy together and get started!

Learn a language

Learning a language can be a lot of fun for you and your family, especially if you’re planning a lot of holidays abroad. The younger your kids are, the easier it can be to learn a language, and you’ll get to start with the basics at the same time. Some recommended foreign languages to teach your kids include Spanish, French and Mandarin and Italian, so why not see how you get on with one and then perhaps start adding more?

Play an instrument

Playing a musical instrument can be a fun hobby to enjoy, and it can be a great stress-reliever too. It’s never too late for you to learn an instrument, so learning at the same time as the kids can be incredible motivation for you all. Explore what’s on offer at piano shops and invest in a piano you can all learn to play. Some family singalongs will be a fun way to spend time together and get you away from all of your portable devices too!

Be active

Your family’s health is important, and it’s good to instil some good habits in your children by getting active together. Become a family that walks more, that goes to the park and play – it’ll be fun for you to spend time together and will help you stay healthy at the same time.

Take some cooking classes

Cooking is a skill that’s worth teaching your children early. As they get older and fly the nest, you won’t have to worry about feeding themselves healthy, hearty food. Family cooking classes can be fun to enjoy together, or you can follow some cooking tutorials on YouTube. Get some inspiration from different recipes and start cooking up a storm with the kids.


If you want to do some good and help others, volunteering as a family is a great way to do it. It will teach your kids some valuable lessons about their community and to be more grateful for the things they do have. Check out some local volunteering opportunities and spend a bit of time helping out as a family.

Spending time together as a family is important, and if you can find something fun to do at the same time, then even better. What activities would you and your family enjoy? Start exploring and see if you can discover a great new family hobby.

*This is a collaborative post*

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