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Five Entertainment Ideas for Children’s Summer Parties

If you would like to keep your kids entertained or let them catch up with their friends during the summer holidays, you might be planning a summer garden party. The good news is that most of the mess will stay outside, but you will have to make sure that you are keeping the guests entertained, or they will start causing trouble. Below you will find five kids’ party entertainment ideas to create the perfect outdoor event for little ones.


You can get some craft competitions on the way during the party, before or after the cupcakes. You might want to challenge kids to decorate their cupcakes or create their own decoration. You can use cardboard to make boys create a functional car, or girls to design jewellery boxes. You can find plenty of kids’ craft party ideas to choose from, depending on the age and interest of the guests.

Dressing Up

You can also create a dressing up competition for the garden party. Create a screen or a tent for dressing up, and let the kids create their own catwalk in the garden. Choose some parents to be the judges, others to assist the little models in dressing up. You can visit a local charity shop to find some unique and quirky outfits for your guests to try on and combine.

Dance Competition

You can also choose some music the guests know and love to arrange your own party dance off. Children love expressing themselves through movement, and you don’t have to worry about them knocking over your expensive ornaments of floor vases, either. Enclose a small stage using colourful tape, and let the party begin. Choose a judge for each round, and you can keep the kids entertained for a long time.

Themed Music

If you are having your kids’ garden party themed according to the current interest of your toddler, you can choose the music from their favourite movie or cartoon. You can hire a professional live band for the event at AliveNetwork.com to perform all the sing-along songs your little one and their friends simply can’t get out of their head. You can get everyone to join in the singing, and make sure that you are providing quality entertainment.  

Water Themed Games

Kids love playing with water in the summer. You can arrange different water-themed games based on their age and ability. From “pass the water” to squirt gun races and water balloons, there are plenty of great ideas to choose from. You might even design your own water-themed relay game. Alternatively, if the weather permits, set up your pool with a slide and balls for the kids to have some fun in.

Whether you are looking to arrange a summer birthday party in the garden or simply invite some of your child’s friends for the day, you have to provide quality entertainment. The above tips will help you design your ultimate garden party for kids.


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