Finding Your Thing Over The Holidays

Every year during the summer months when the kids are off school up and down the country it’s often debated as to whether or not they should be given homework over the extended period of time away from school, and this year it seems to be a stronger conversation than ever. It is something that myself and my school mum friends have spoken about on more than one occasion. Some of us say that the kids should have homework or shorter holidays whereas others say that the time away should be time to spend as a family and for the kids to relax and unwind after all the school work they’ve produced throughout the academic year. Personally, I am in the latter camp and think that children need time for themselves to unwind and develop skills that they can’t be taught at school – they are children and need time to let their minds focus on the things that they love and enjoy.

I am not alone in my thinking either. Fruit Shoot believes that kids should have the freedom to find and celebrate their ‘thing’ during this time away from school. A kid’s ‘thing’ is their passion point and can be anything from dance classes to looking after an ant farm, painting and colouring to climbing trees – whatever they love doing that is their thing and should be encouraged where possible. In partnership with NHS doctor and kid’s TV presenter Dr Ranj, Fruit Shoot has created five top tips to help kids find their ‘thing’ and nurture it once they have found it.

What do you think? should children have homework to do over the school holidays? Do your children have homework set or are they busy doing their own thing? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

*This is a collaborative post*

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