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Matthew and I have been planning our wedding for a while now. We are still undecided on the location (I think this is why we have stalled a little in our plans lately as we just can’t decide where to have our ceremony). But on our shortlist of possible places are our family church and a local hotel. Both are very beautiful buildings and will make excellent backdrops for our wedding photographs.

But as any soon to be bride and groom know only too well, choosing all the final details can be hard, you want your day to be perfect and you want everything to run smoothly and if you’re on a budget this can be doubly hard – you want the most for your money and just because you don’t have a massive amount of money to spend doesn’t mean you want to settle for anything other than amazing for your big day – You want to make sure that you are getting value for money too. Choosing a professional can be a minefield as these days there are so many out there and making sure you get someone who ticks all your required boxes can be difficult. This is where Bidvine comes to your rescue.

Bidvine is a website that has been designed to match users with services local to them – this can be anything from needing a plumber or a tutor, a DJ for a party to a wedding photographer or cake maker.

The website is clearly set out and it’s really easy to navigate – searching on the site is simple as you can search via the search bar at the top of the page or by looking through the suggested services in the popular projects section of the site.
Once you’ve chosen your service, Bidvine asks you detailed questions to narrow down your search and see what requirements you want from your professional. In my search for a wedding photographer, I was asked questions such as where I would like photos to be taken, the types of photos I wanted, the style of photographs I wanted taking, how many locations I wanted shoots to take place over, how I wanted to recieve the photos and my budget. There was even a question asking me what stage of booking I was at – which is great for someone like me who is so indecisive. Once you’ve completed these steps you can choose how to be contacted with your quotes either via email or a phone number.
Bidvine allows you to receive up to 5 quotes from professionals in your area. You can then compare prices, work experience and reviews. Once your quotes have arrived, you can check them knowing only interested and available professionals submitted bids, and choose confidently based on their customer ratings and portfolios. From here you can call them directly or use the messaging service via Bidvine. 
Once you have reached out to a chosen professional you no longer need to use Bidvine and any decisions you make or services you purchase from any of the professionals you receive quotes from are nothing more to do with them.
All in all I think Bidvine is really easy to use and is a great way to connect with professionals in your local area. If you feel akward asking for suggestions from friends and family then Bidvine can help you. The site will also save you hours and hours of scrolling through pages of Google and local Facebook pages.
I will definitely be using the service when I finally decide on my final wedding day plans and I will be making sure I use them for more than just finding my wedding photographer.
*This is a collaborative post*

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