Back To School With Clarks

I am one of those parents that dreads the end of the summer holidays, well that’s a lie I love sending the boys back to school as I’m ready for the break and my house is ready to be put back in some kind of order. But I dread the time when it comes to buying school uniforms and shoes. There is so much choice and so many places to shop it can be a confusing time, an afternoon in town can leave even the most patient of parents tearing their hair out and I have to admit I’ve come close to losing both the plot and will to live when it comes to finding good quality school shoes in the past.

This year we were asked if we would like to go along to our local Clarks store and get some school shoes for Callum. We were sent a £40 voucher to spend on some shoes.
We arrived at the shop for midday as requested by the appointment that was made on our behalf in store. You can book an appointment online for your local Clarks store too, appointments are for 15 minutes and you can book more than one child at a time and all your appointments will be together, I think this is a great idea as it means you can go straight to the store at your allotted time and not be kept waiting in a queue – which lets face it if you have more than one child to get shoes for can be a bit of a nightmare especially if you have younger children to try and entertain too. Obviously you can still just walk into a store and be seen as you normally would.
Callum was really excited when he was asked to step onto the special machine that measures older children’s feet. The process is pain free but gets an accurate measurement and takes literally 30 seconds to 1 minute to get a measurement. Callum’s feet measured 1.5f. 
We were brought out 3 pairs of shoes in Callum’s size. He tried all 3 on and even went for a walk around the shop to make sure they were comfy. He had a struggle picking a pair from the 3 as he liked them all. But eventually he decided upon a pair of Jack Nano Jnr Shoes. 
The shoes are made from black leather and are perfect for school, they also have a rubberised toe guard, and as any mum would know boys love to scuff the toes on their shoes almost immediately after purchase. The shoes fasten using 2 Velcro strips, this makes them really easy for a child to fasten and adjust them correctly.

The shoes are available from a size 10 and go all the way up to a 4. They also come in 4 different widths (E – H). The shoes are priced at £38. I think what swayed Callum to choose these shoes is the little Jack Nano figure that comes with the shoes. The toy is cleverly hidden in the heel of a shoe but can be seen in the heel underneath. Callum loves his little toy as does his brothers so he loves the fact that he can hide the toy from them.

Callum loves his new shoes and can’t wait to go back to school to show all his friends his hidden toys! I on the other hand I’m quite pleased to say that I’m almost done with my back to school shopping. 

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