My Three And Me

A Little About Me

My name is Louise, I am a 30 something stay at home mum. I live with Matthew (the husband to be), our 3 boys, Callum, Nathan and James and our pets – Pepper the Boxer dog, Ziggy the French Bulldog, Marley and Reggie the cats.

I was born in York but grew up near Scarborough. We moved to West Yorkshire 4 years ago. Many of our friends doubted that we would stay here for long and that we would miss the beach too much. The truth is, that as nice as the beach is it’s only nice when you have the time or the weather to enjoy it. We do like to go back and visit often though so we never truly miss it.

I studied at University and gained a 2:1 in Tourism Management. In my last year, I fell pregnant with Callum very much by mistake, but this turned out to be the best mistake I had ever made. I went on to have my other boys relatively soon after and have never looked back. I intend to go back to work in a couple of years but for now, I am enjoying seeing them all grow up.

One of my favourite hobbies is entering competitions – most of my friends think I am crazy. It has taken over my life almost but has helped my family in so many ways. I am still planning my wedding but I’m finding this extremely hard as life has a habit of getting in the way and taking up any saved up money. One of my comping aims (with the help from a few friends) is to win as much as I can for my wedding, anything from jewellery to a dress, the groomsmen suits to the whole day if possible.

I love to read chick lit – you can usually find me with my kindle stuck by my side. I love anything that has a happy ending and my favourite books of all time are the Driven series by K.Bromberg (If you’ve not read them you need to they are AMAZING). I also love watching rom-com films – again anything with a happy ending or even a little weepy and you can be sure I’ll enjoy it and Grey’s Anatomy – My twitter feed is usually filled with McDreamy Gifs (ahhhh McDreamy!!!!)

Matthew loves fishing and fast cars (show me a man that doesn’t), He loves nothing better than going off for the weekend and hanging out by the side of a lake/river or a race track.

And My Three

Here are my adorable boys – these are three of my favourite pictures of them one just after James was born in 2009, one taken in 2011 and one taken recently. It is hard to believe that I have been a mummy 12 years, it has gone so quickly.


Callum is 12 and my eldest son. He was an April fools baby and has been playing tricks on everyone ever since. He is very kind and caring and helps to look after his little brothers. He loves to read and excels at this as well as maths in school although he is a very typical boy and loves to daydream.

He is a huge Arsenal fan but F1 is his first love, he says he wants to be just like Jenson Button when he grows up. He hopes to start to go karting next year especially as he will be old enough to have a go.


Nathan is 9 years old. He is our very, very cheeky monkey, he has big adorable blue eyes that he uses to try and get his own way. He has the dirtiest laugh and you can always tell when he is up to something naughty as you can hear him chuckling. He loves playing with his brothers with any kind of toy but especially Skylanders or Mario on the Wii U.


James is the baby of the family and is 7 years old. He loves playing with his toys but especially his cars and trains. He loves being outside too and says that the trampoline and his scooter are his favourite toys and he loves going fishing with his daddy in the summer.

Our Pets

Pepper – She is nearly 9 years old. Sometimes I wonder if she is really a dog or a person in disguise. She grunts and grumbles if she wants something and will nudge your hand if you stop stroking her. She has a bed of her own but is happier taking up half of the sofa as she prefers to sit or sleep near us.

Ziggy – He is nearly 3 years old. He is very loyal and loves to play with the boys. He will always bring you a toy to play fetch. He snores and trumps like nothing else on earth but we wouldn’t change him for all the tea in China.

Marley – When he first came to live with us we thought he was a she – we called “her” Molly. It took us a little while to realise this was not the case. He is very loving and affectionate but only when he wants to be. Out of us all he only really has time for Nathan who we think he’s claimed as his own.

Reggie – What can I say about Reggie. He is the crackpot of the bunch. He is so crazy it is unbelievable. He is also the cutest thing you will ever see. He loves nothing better than to jump in a carrier bag or a cardboard box.

We are what most people would call geeks. We love technology and we’re always playing on a console when we have spare time. We try to keep up with the latest gadgets and gizmos. We own some of the popular games consoles and the boys love nothing better than to try and beat their dad at the games. I love doing my fitness games on the Wii and am trying desperately to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, not far off now thanks to hard work and determination.

Life is never dull in our house as we are always busy, either playing with toys, painting pictures, baking or taking the dog for a walk in the woods or down by the canal. We regularly have the boys friends round to play and they all love to play together. Either in the garden, on the consoles or with some of the other toys they can find in our house.

In all honesty, I love my life, I wouldn’t want to change a thing – well maybe a small lottery win in the near future would be nice but other than that things are pretty much perfect the way they are …

Louise xXx