A Short Guide For The Memorable Wedding

When it comes to life’s beautiful occasions such as marriage and wedding ceremonies, making the event extra special to result in life long memories, is something that most engaged to-be-wed couples commonly think about. With there being so many options out there to choose from, such as attire to flowers, venues to photographers and even the cake, it can seem like the list is endless and prolongs that perfect start to the rest of your lives together.

The best thing is to slow down and read these handy starting tips.


Usually, as this may be a special place for you and your partner already, just by incorporating a few things to take you back to that special moment. Of course, you don’t have to pick somewhere with meaning, but it does go on to make the occasion that much more special. Decide whether it’s a place you met, family tie or your favorite holiday location, or even where you’ve dreamed of tying the knot your whole life.

The main thing to consider with the location is, is it easily accessible for your guests? If you want to get married somewhere exotic, that’s brilliant. However, could your guests get there and make the trip? Would you like your elderly family members to be present at your wedding? Be sensitive to your guest’s needs and budget.

A few extra tips that usually take a lot of stress out of the wedding planning, pre-book your desired venue with ample time to rearrange, or if the venue has problems, you want enough time to get any issues sorted out. Be sure that there are enough facilities and amendments on site for the entirety of the guests.

The Guests

As well as taking into account your guests budgets and capabilities to attend, the final guest list is also of paramount importance. Pick your guests accordingly and consider how they will mix together as a group. Create groups that you both think will work well such as if there are relations, any ages or by language and work from there for the table plans, etc.

Plan some other events around the wedding date. Your guests might be traveling different distances and you want to be able to spend time with them. Why not consider a brunch, dinner or collective activity for you and your guests to join you in.

Arrange A Celebratory After-Party

Some might choose to hire a DJ, others may want an orchestra or even a specific genre of music for the wedding reception. Whether it is professional wedding singers and musicians you want or the disco vibe, be sure to cast your wishes to your desired choice of entertainment and that they fully understand the music you want to be played.

Hire A Professional Planner

At any stage, it can daunt on you, that you’ve put more effort into planning the wedding than preparing yourself for the big day. Sometimes hiring a planner for your wedding is super efficient, they will be like your guardian angel and help take enormous stress away so you can enjoy your wedding.

Having the best wedding doesn’t necessarily mean going all out and including everything to make it perfect. It can simply become more troublesome if there are more things to sort out. After all, all that really matters is the love for one another and looking forward to the beginning of a Mr and Mrs life together!

*This is a collaborative post*

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