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7 Ways to Make Your Garden More Functional and Secure

Planning and preparing a garden plot can be a fun and fulfilling experience, especially if you take the appropriate steps to keep your plants safe from pests and mishaps. Of course, ensuring a high level of convenience and accessibility is another priority that comes to mind when you’re imagining an ideal garden environment.

There are literally dozens of ways to improve a garden, but some of those improvements should be seen as absolutely necessary if you want to make maintenance and harvest procedures more enjoyable. Fortunately, it won’t take much effort to create a bountiful, secure, and comfortable garden space. In fact, you can start with the following tips to minimise the possibility of encountering hassle and disappointment this upcoming gardening season.

1. Garden Fencing

Garden fence panels serve multiple purposes and are, therefore, worthy of a top spot on this list. First, garden fencing creates a barrier between your garden and animals passing by, so it makes it a bit more difficult for them to walk up and graze on your crops without any layer of resistance. Second, it adds a style component that can make the area look more organised and aesthetically appealing. Plus, many fencing materials can double as screening and trellis surfaces for vines. Stores such as FenceStore (https://www.fencestore.co.uk/) make it easy to compare a wide variety of garden fencing, so that would be an ideal place to start if you’re searching for some inspiration.

2. Walkways

Building a convenient walkway that provides sufficient access to all of your plants will make your job easier as the garden starts to bloom. Walkways also prevent you from having to walk through plots and step on root systems, stems, or leaves, which can cause minor damage to your plants.

3. A Nearby Shed

Walking back and forth to retrieve and return gardening tools can be a hassle, so if you don’t yet have a shed situated within close proximity to your garden, this would be an ideal addition to simplify laborious tasks going forward. Sheds are easy to construct on a do-it-yourself basis and they provide a lot of value for a relatively nominal investment of time and funds.

4. Building a Greenhouse Structure

Perhaps the best way to fully secure your garden from animals, allergens, and other annoyances is to simply enclose it in a greenhouse. This also keeps birds from swooping down and snacking on the fruits of your labour. Furthermore, a greenhouse provides a cleaner environment in which factors like temperature, humidity, light cycles, and airflow can be more precisely controlled. Many gardeners who switch to greenhouse growing also notice an improvement in the quality and yield of their crops due to the aforementioned perks.

5. Considering Air Filtration

Even in a greenhouse, most people don’t consider the advantages of having an air filtration system to filter out pollens and pollution from the outside. This is a relatively simple modification that you can add to a greenhouse in conjunction with an air purifier to keep your plants in a very clean and fresh environment. Filters are relatively inexpensive, as are the other materials involved in setting up a filtration system (i.e. – ducting and fans).

6. Implementing Pest Prevention Tactics

Sometimes fencing and greenhouse materials are not enough to keep out the more persistent pests that manage to find their way in. Although digging beneath the garden bed and laying down chain fencing may seem like a lot of extra work, it can be a crucial preventative measure to take if you’re trying to keep moles, rabbits, and other burrowing bandits from ravaging your root systems. Likewise, using other tactics like predator urine and guard dogs can deter animals from wandering around your garden unabated. You can find about more on how to prevent pests here: https://www.tenthacrefarm.com/2017/05/preventing-garden-pests/.

7. Install a Simple Garden Surveillance System

Suppose you take all of the steps above and somehow you still have a mischievous critter sneaking into your garden. If you can’t figure out where the pest is coming from or how they’re getting in, having a minimal camera surveillance system installed can make it easy to identify the culprit and their point of entry so that you can fix it. These systems can also be linked to your home’s Wi-Fi and a smartphone app to provide instant alerts when you have a furry intruder. This is useful as you can quickly go out and chase them off before they tear up some of your crops.

A 5-Star Garden Can Be Built on Most Budgets

In closing, even if it takes a while for you to complete all of these recommendations and construct a fully enclosed greenhouse with top-notch environmental controls, for now, you can start with the less expensive suggestions like fencing and go from there. If you’re gradually adding new features to your garden every season, within the next 1-2 years you should be able to do all of the above and then some, even on a restrictive budget.


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