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Winter Lawn Care Advice: How To Keep Your Lawn Happy In The Colder Months

Some helpful tips for keeping on top of your winter lawn care…

When the cold weather rolls around and the temperature does that annual huge drop leaving us feeling like we live in the North Pole, it is a natural instinct to grab every jumper we own and stay inside at all costs!

Human hibernation mode tends to mean that our gardens get completely forgotten about and any gardening efforts go completely out the window.

Actually though, putting minimal effort into some winter lawn care can have huge benefits when the warmer (ish) months arrive. There is nothing worse than having a sunny day and wanting to let your kids play outside, only to then realise that your garden has become a bleak and lifeless place over the winter.

As well as being a key feature of every garden, a healthy lawn provides a safe space for children to play in. So, even if you don’t feel like you would be motivated enough to maintain your winter lawn care for appearances’ sake – think of the kids and the summer barbecue potential!

Clear any debris

The first main tip which is relatively easy to maintain is to keep the surface of your lawn as clear as possible. During winter, there is often debris and leaves blown onto it due to high winds but this can prevent the lawn from breathing – yes, believe it or not, your lawn breathes too.

You could use a rake for clearing or make it into a fun family activity by seeing who can collect the most leaves! Wrapping the kids up warm and getting some fresh air is a great way to entertain your little ones and tire them out at the same time, without having to really leave the comfort of your own home.

Of course, when the pesky snow starts to arrive, it is impossible to keep your lawn uncovered – but every little helps! A lawn that cannot aerate is not a happy lawn.

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Keep off

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous – try not to walk on your lawn’s surface too much during the winter. A frosty lawn is inevitable at certain times of the year but the best thing to do is keep off it when this happens. This might be trickier if you have kids, dogs, cats etc. but is still definitely worth keeping in mind.

Prevent and clear moss

Winter lawn care is also essential for keeping the onset and spreading of moss at bay. Moss can be detrimental to the health of your lawn but is unfortunately quite difficult to prevent and manage.

Why not leave this aspect of your winter lawn care to the professionals? Greensleeves offer an affordable lawn care service and specialise in providing tailored seasonal lawn care treatments all year round to ensure that the typical challenges your lawn faces each season are combatted effectively. During the colder months, Greensleeves begin their winter lawn treatments early on to prevent as well as treat your garden. If you use Greensleeves for your winter lawn care, the treatment would begin as early as November and last until February to ensure your lawn is the happiest it can be – even in freezing temperatures!

Professional lawn treatments target moss by applying a liquid to your lawn that can effectively combat the risk of fungal disease whilst injecting a range of important nutrients. Win-win!

Collect water

Towards the end of winter when the snow turns into endless rainy days, a handy tip is to install some water butts or some kind of water collecting containers. We may as well make the most of the rain – collecting the water means that you can use it to keep your lawn hydrated when the sun eventually decides to show itself!

Hopefully, these winter lawn care tips have given you some motivation to try not to completely neglect your garden this winter. If you put a small amount of effort into keeping your lawn healthy now, you will really thank yourself in summer when you can let your kids play outside to their heart’s’ content!

*This is a collaborative post*

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