How To Make a Quick and Easy Christmas Dinner

Can you believe we are just two weeks away from Christmas Day?

I’ve decked the halls and finished all of the Christmas shopping, and now my attention has turned to the food shop, wrapping the gifts and cooking a Christmas Dinner for 11. 

I love making the festive meal but I am all for making it as quick and easy as possible if I can. Here are a few of the my tips for a quick and easy Christmas dinner without any compromise.

Choose your meat wisely

You don’t have to cook a turkey if you don’t want too. If you aren’t a fan of turkey why not cook beef, gammon, duck, goose or even a chicken instead.

However, if you are planning to cook a turkey this Christmas make sure you leave enough time for it to defrost thoroughly if you’re buying frozen. Also, allow enough cooking time to ensure that you can keep to your schedule and serve dinner on time. 

Recently we were sent a frozen turkey crown from Donald Russell to try. It can be cooked from frozen so saves you hours of prep work in the kitchen. It cooks in an hour and comes in gravy that’s easily decanted so it can be used to pour over your dinner.

 Prepare your trimmings beforehand

We are all busy on Christmas Eve, but if you can spare an hour or so to peel and cut your vegetables you’ll get to spend more time relaxing on Christmas Day. 

If you are pushed for time you could even opt to buy pre-prepared vegetables or frozen ones instead. 

One tip I am going to try this year is to make my Yorkshire puddings a few days before and freeze them so all I have to do on Christmas Day is pop them in the oven for a few minutes to heat through. I’ve never done this before but my friend assures me it works well – maybe a practice run is needed first.

Set The Table Early

Set the table the night before so that there are fewer things for you to do before cooking / whilst cooking the dinner. The more you can do the night before the better in my opinion.

Get Others To Help

If you are having lots of family over why not ask them to help by bringing something with them – maybe they could bring prepared sprouts or potatoes. If you’re not comfortable with asking them to do this, you could always get them to pitch in with the preparation in the kitchen. You could even ask them to bring the pudding instead. If all else fails you can ask them to do the washing up…

*We were sent a turkey crown in gravy in return for this post – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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