A Luxury Getaway Guide

Travel has never been more convenient; these days there are a lot of options for luxury international travel that make flying a pleasant experience. These luxury airlines are lavish as well as expensive, but you will be drawn because they offer the best trip in the air. Flying the daunting 10-16 hour flights is a thing in the past with luxury airlines’ as they offer comfort, great services, and cleanliness, thus making it a pleasant experience in itself.

There is definitely a great reward for luxury travel. Not only can you get the best service, room-view, and experience for that matter, but you can also rest and get ready to take on your vacation with vibrant energy.

Most times, your decision for a luxurious getaway may be influenced by what you want to achieve ahead. For business partnerships, there are some who would just want to end up playing a round of golf with partners as it gives them a lot of time to talk.

South Africa

Lush and full of excitement, treat yourself to the ultimate luxury safari holiday as you observe the ways of the wild and all of the animals that live there. Expect to see lions, giraffes, elephants and zebras just to name a few. Whatever your age, the beauty of seeing animals in their natural habitat is undeniable and would undoubtfully be enjoyed by anyone.

Luxurious Golfing Holidays around the World

Golf is considered to be one of the most luxurious sports and recreational activities that you can do while traveling. When it comes to golf, each country in the world houses their own way of celebrating this sport so you can be sure to find your perfect golfing holiday. For example, a luxury golf resort in Fiji offers a backdrop of volcanic mountains and their signature 12th hole sits right on the edge of the ocean and in Southern France, you get to enjoy their delightful landscapes with the region’s attractive lakes, waterfalls, and forest.


Laze around in your villa or go discover the ocean in a submarine at the luxurious Velaa Private Island in the Maldives. You can tweak your golf skills while you’re at it when you tackle the resort’s state of the art 9-hole course. Just make sure you reward yourself with a label of their finest wine at one of the largest wine cellars in the country after your game.


If you are into health and wellness, nothing beats the well-known medical resort Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland. The resort is the only one in the country with two golf courses, the 18-hole PGA Championship course, and the 9-hole Executive. They also offer extensive professional support for golfers and even a “golf check-up” before you enjoy their thermal baths, saunas, and a good massage at their spa.

Sri Lanka

As the worlds up and coming must go holiday destination for 2019, Sri Lanka is a must for any couple, family or single traveller looking for it all. For anyone searching for an idyllic luxury location, Sri Lanka perfectly encompasses safari, sun, culture, cuisine, adventure and relaxation. Not only can you be sure to top up your tan with some well needed down time, but when all that lying down is getting too much, you can step out and instantly indulge yourself in the rich cultures and landscapes that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Whether you want to enjoy a recreational golf holiday or participate in a game or two with your business buddies, try to check out the golfing resorts above. Or, if a sporting holiday isn’t what you are after, indulge yourself in the ultimate luxurious holiday and plan your next getaway!

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