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Pick the best Ribbons for Weddings

If you are planning the wedding this autumn, you should know that the new trend in decoration and textiles is the combination of lace and hemp. Maybe it looks like an unlikely duo, with the delicate and elegant lace and the rustic hemp, but we assure you that this mix produces results. You can visit FinerRibbon.com and see a great selection.

Where and how can you use this combination in wedding preparation? Here are five original ideas for your wedding!

Beyond the classic options (dress, purse, and clothing of the seats), you can use hemp socks in the lace for testimonies. If you decorate the bag with flowers or string, they fit a rustic-themed wedding, and if you use silk ribbons and beads to tie, they provide a stylish wedding.

Flower vases. For a rustic wedding, use recycled jars embroidered with hemp and lace and ribbon or vintage brooches, and for an elegant wedding choose colourful crystal vases wrapped in thin lace ribbons and tied with hemp yarn.

Cake. It was covered with white fondant with lace applied from the fondant and at the bottom of the tops were attached hemp bows.

The bride and the bridesmaids. Let’s not forget that the hemp material can be painted in any colour, to match the colours of the bridesmaids of honour, and a layer of lace on top gives it extra elegance.

Wedding Invitations. Colourful cardboard with hemp applications and lace ribbons – is an ingenious solution for manually created wedding invitations and give a personal touch to the whole event.

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Personalise wedding testimonials

If you want to make doughnut boxes or personalize wedding testimonials, we introduce you in a video tutorial a practical and quick way to learn to insert a satin back in just a few seconds. Of course, the handmade beads can be of other material, such as organza, but the satin ribbons are the most used. FinerRibbon.com has a multitude of options to choose from.

Necessary materials:

– a satin roll in the desired colour.

How to do it:

1. Use a satin ribbon of approximately 1-2 cm in width with a shorter or longer length as needed. If you use it for gift wrapping, the tape may be more full, and if you need to customize your testimonials, it needs to be thinner.

2. Using your left hand, try to pass the ribbon through your fingers as in the picture.

3. Then put one end of the tape on the other side to give the form of the foundation, while using two fingers: the middle and the middle to hold the two loops of the blade.

4. Finally, if the foundation is too large, use scissors to cut the ends or give them the desired shape.

white chair covers with blue ribbon sashes
Something old, something new, something blue, something borrowed

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” It is the expression we often hear in American films with beautiful weddings. Although it is a borrowed habit, its meanings apply to brides everywhere, and it is also a fun element with which any bride can condemn its great day. Read more here.

The tradition that the bride has to wear something new on the wedding day, something old, something blue and something borrowed dates back to the nineteenth century England, coming from old English poetry. Although I have successfully adopted this habit, many brides do not know how to combine and match these elements in their wedding dress or what to associate with these four notions.

Something old

It symbolizes the bride’s past and the traditions that have been respected by her family. Usually, it is represented by an object transmitted from generation to generation. For example, you can decorate the wedding reception with your grandparents or grandparents photos, you can match your wedding dress with a pair of vintage gloves or you can embellish the bridal bracelet with a grandmother’s brooch.

Something new

New work is the hope for a future full of accomplishments alongside your loved one. The “new” element can be everything from makeup, perfume or intimate linen to transport. You can buy a new lipstick or new fragrance for this day, or the set of intimate silk underwear you dreamed of or even make your own wedding present just before the event, a new car. Check it out: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/ribbon-crafts-4154458

Something blue

Blue is associated with protection and masculinity, representing the strong union with the future husband. For “something blue”, you can use a blue ribbon on the dress, a pair of shoes in this hue, and if you are not a follower of this colour, you can choose a blue or golden gemstone for the big day.

Something borrowed

The borrowed object is the desire to take on the experience and luck of other married women. It can be for example the mother’s Bible that you can use at the ceremony or the hair accessory from a married girlfriend or relative.

Let’s start with the colour (or non-colour) most commonly used in these events, namely white. It represents purity, cleanliness, sterility while being clear, simple and sophisticated.

White is an absolute reflection, unlike black that represents total absorption; therefore it reflects the full spectrum of the spectrum in our eyes, and it can often be challenging to look at it continuously. White is considered the colour of the summer, symbolizing innocence and purity, so it can not be difficult to understand why the wedding leitmotif is, from the Victorian era to the present day.

Accessories define the bride’s outfit

Moreover, after this chromatic introduction, let’s get to the facts. Moreover, we do not refer to jewellery, but to veils, hair accessories, handbags, bouquets and all the pieces of the white day puzzle.

The headgear is essential

It is not possible for a bride to ignore the helmet. Whether we’re talking about a simple bracelet or a stylish veil, headwear is critical on the wedding day.

Flower accessories and pearls, to get them in hair

Who said the pins are no longer worn? A blooming brooch is all you need to have a look from the magazines.

Adopt the Victorian style

You can not make mistakes with Victorian style. When you pronounce it, you think of two things: luxury and elegance. Lace lace, cameo brooches, and artificial flowers! Click here.

The purse should not be missing

Even though it is the most important day in your life, you can not break the reality. You need the phone, the keys to the house or even the money. Moreover, what if you do not have a stylish envelope to match your dress?

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