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Stunning Destinations to Visit For Your Next Getaway

Choosing the destination of your next holiday can often be hard – the world is a big place and almost everywhere is now accessible by land, sea or air. As the saying goes the sky’s (and your bank balance) the limit.

We haven’t really travelled much but we are hoping that will change in the next few years. The first stop for us is hopefully New York next summer and after that who knows maybe we’ll travel around the UK or perhaps we’ll go a little further away. Until then though there’s nothing wrong with a bit of forward planning, some of the places I’d consider visiting include:


Italy is definitely one of the countries I plan to visit. Many of my friends have been already and every single one of them has said how amazing it was and how much they enjoyed their time there, how beautiful the country is and all about the stunning views it has to offer. My brother in law and his husband recently returned from a holiday in Sorrento, whilst there they visited many famous sights including Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii and they had a day trip along the Amalfi Coast. They said their trip was amazing and would definitely look at staying there longer if they were to return as a few hours just wasn’t enough. Matthew went to Milan a few years ago as he had won tickets to the Champions League Final he said the city was lovely and would want to go back again if he got the chance.


If I was looking for a destination that is steeped in luxury Kerala, India is definitely a place I would consider as a holiday destination. There are many reasons I’d want to visit including some of its 25 wildlife sanctuaries and national parks where I’d love to see tigers, elephants and a whole host of other native animals in their natural environments. I’d love to visit tea, coffee and spice plantations where I’d be able to sample some of the finest produce the area has to offer and I’d love to be totally immersed in all the natural beauty and history the area has in abundance. I’d probably like to visit one or two of the many beaches Kerala has to offer. I could just imagine relaxing and enjoying perfect sunsets – who knows I might even try my hand at fishing, bike riding and water sports too.


Kenya is definitely on my travel bucket list and was even one of the possible honeymoon locations we were considering. I’m not going to lie my main reason for visiting Kenya would be the wildlife. I think I would spend my whole trip visiting the different national parks as I would love to go on safari, being able to see wild animals in their own natural environment would make memories that would last a lifetime – can you imagine the pictures you could possibly take? I’d love nothing more than to see lions, elephants, zebra and giraffes in all their glorious beauty.

Are you planning a holiday soon?


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