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How To Keep The Kids Happy on Holiday

Going on holiday is often the only time a family gets to spend quality time with each other and although you may have spent a small fortune for your trip you may find your children aren’t so keen to spend time with you or that they aren’t very happy at being away from home. We are finding this more so with the boys especially now that they are getting older. They don’t want to spend time with us as much and any ideas we have are so boring compared to the things they want to do, I’m a little worried about the plans we have for a big family holiday in the next few years.

Next year we are going to New York for 5 days and the boys will be at home with my mum, but the year after we are planning a holiday where we can take all four boys before they are too old to enjoy their time with us – having said that in 2020 my stepson will be 16, and my three will be 15, 12, and 11 – quite scary when I think about it like that…

If you’re looking for things to keep the kids happy on holiday consider some of the following:

Local Attractions

Before you go, look what the local area has to offer. If you are going to a country that is of historical importance take the children to some of the areas and teach them all it has to offer. Places like Orlando, Florida are great for families to go as you can visit the many theme parks the area has to visit. If you’re a family of thrill seekers, Disney, Shrek and Harry Potter lovers Orlando is a must for you, there is so much to see and do but I’ve been told that the theme parks are a real must if you’re planning a holiday to Florida.

Back Up Plans

Always handy to have especially if you are holidaying in the UK. Many of my childhood holidays were spent in the Lake District and Scotland and more often than not it was wet. When the weather was on our side we would spend our days going for walks around lakes and local towns but when the weather wasn’t so nice we would visit museums, stately homes and local visitor centres – Sellafield Visitors Centre was a firm favourite for the bad weather days and I can remember we visited at least 3 times over the years we went on holiday.

Go All Inclusive

If you are planning the holiday of a lifetime why not treat yourselves to an all-inclusive Mark Warner holiday (see markwarner.co.uk/family-holidays).  Their holidays are tailor-made to exactly what you want and need. You could plan a holiday in the sun where water sports are available for everyone no matter their age or skill level. But if the sun and sea aren’t for you why not go for a winter sports holiday instead where you can all learn to ski together, again if you are already advanced you can enjoy the slopes on your own. They even offer childcare services if you want a little downtime to yourselves on an evening.

Have A Technology Ban

My kids are technology addicted and it’s quite sad as we never set out to allow this. But it is the world in which we live and as much as we try to restrict their time it is hard going and causes nothing but upset. Whilst on holiday though we would definitely make sure that that they weren’t glued to their devices. They would be allowed an hour a day 30 mins in the morning and then 30 minutes in the evening anything more than that and they would find themselves losing their devices for the next day all together. I’d want them to learn and explore the area in which we were staying especially if there was a lot of history in the local area. One of my friends recently returned from Rome with her children and when I asked how they enjoyed it they just shrugged and said it was ok. I asked if they had learnt anything about the Romans whilst there and they said no we didn’t go there for a history lesson.

Most importantly though spend time with your children, make memories that will last a lifetime and enjoy it whether you go for a walk around a lake, laze on the beach, ride thrill ride after thrill ride or trek up a mountain make the most of it – as they say, time is precious, waste it wisely.


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