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How To Dress Well: Look Great & Pack Light For Your Next Trip

Summer may have ended, but those with the travel bug never sleep! Wondering how to dress well and pack light for your next trip this year? Read on…

If someone says to you that you need to ‘travel light’, what’s your first thought? You’re probably thinking you need to refrain from packing as much which, in turn, will compromise how well you’ll look on your trip. However, this is not the case! It’s actually pretty easy to travel light and look great. All you need to remember is how to dress well, packing a few essentials and making them work in a variety of ways.

It’s a big enough challenge dragging a suitcase around with you while you travel, not to mention the weight that goes in it. In fact, to look stylish on the road, you don’t actually need to take a lot of luggage! Here’s how to do it without missing anything you leave at home.

Wear your clothing more than once!

We’ve all done it – we’ve taken a million and one items of clothing on holiday and returned home without having worn half of them! We then get frustrated with ourselves for wasting our weight allowance when we could have brought home a selection of fine Italian wines. The point of the matter is that we can save a lot of space by simply re-wearing suitable clothing where possible.

If you have clothes that you usually love to take away with you, but that now lacks the great fit it once had, it’s not too late to salvage them! Clothing or dress alterations from Alterations Boutique can ensure your clothing always fits to perfection. Visiting a tailor or seamstress before you travel can be a godsend to fix those broken dress straps or taking in that shirt you love to wear abroad. You can wear your favourite items again and again!

Don’t take shoes for every outfit.

The next rule – keep those heavy shoes to a minimum! There’s nothing that takes up more space and weight in a suitcase than those big chunky heels or walking shoes. When going away, pick shoes that you can wear with more than one outfit instead of one pair per get-up. In reality, you don’t wear different shoes every day, and going on a trip is no different! Think of day and evening wear and which shoes can be used for both.

Choose colours you can mix and match.

A handy tip when working out what to pack! Of course, you’ll not be wearing darker colours in a hot, sunny destination, so it’s important to pick and choose your main colours depending on where you’re travelling to. For example, if you’re going on a hiking trip and the weather is likely going to be cooler, take black or navy colours. If you’re going somewhere warm and sunny, (you lucky thing) you should choose whites, creams and sandy colours. You can mix and match these coloured items, and even create new outfits out of them!

Pack some staple accessories.

The right accessory can really make an outfit. An amazing accessory can make more than one outfit! That snazzy belt, necklace, bracelet or earrings can make an outfit shine. Think about that dress that’s perfect and light to wear during the day. With the right waist-hugging belt, jewellery and fancy up-do, you’ll be ready for the evening too!

Wear heavy items on the plane!

If you want to take a little extra on your travels that you don’t necessarily have space for in your suitcase, then there’s nothing stopping you from taking a coat, jacket or extra jumper on the plane with you. You can even wear those big walking shoes for the journey! Think about the things you can take out of your luggage and wear while travelling instead of struggling with the weight.

Make use of the laundrette or washing machine.

As a final pointer, don’t forget, that most of the time when going abroad, you’ll be able to get hold of a laundrette or use a washing machine in your accommodation. If you’re planning to travel light, washing and re-wearing clothes can be a great help, sometimes meaning you don’t have to take a main suitcase at all! A lot of travellers tend to make do with hand luggage on a plane for example, so definitely worth looking in to.

Knowing how to dress well and pack light is an essential travelling skill.

To make the most out of your trip, or your luggage allowance for that matter, you need to bear in mind how to dress well and what items are going to be useful to you. Do you have any of your own tips for how to dress well when you travel? Let me know in the comments!

This post was in collaboration with Alterations Boutique, clothing alterations specialists in the UK. For more information about their services or to make an enquiry, visit their website: https://www.alterationsboutiquemanchester.co.uk

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