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Five Steps to Planning the Perfect Proposal

After finding a person you want to spend your time with you can stick with them and spend the rest of your life with them. Once you have decided that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level, you have to plan on how to propose to them. Here are the steps that you should take to make your proposal memorable.

Make Up Your Mind

The first step before you even embark on your journey toward popping the question is being prepared for it. It would be best if you had a talk with your partner about what they want from the relationship. You also need to be sure of how prepared you are to take the next step. Without having a conversation and being on the same page about your relationship, you should never embark on the path to a proposal. Look for the signs that show you are ready to get married.

Get a Ring

You cannot pop the question without a ring. If you are looking for engagement rings in the UK, there are many jewellery shops to buy them from on the high street. But there are many online jewellery shops to choose from as well. Find out the ring size of your partner and their preference of rings. When buying an Engagement ring online, it should be hallmarked and certified. Make sure that the website you are buying the ring from offers returns in case the ring is not of the right size.

Find a Venue

The place where you ask your partner to marry you needs to be a special place. You can choose to return to the place where you first went on a date. You can take your partner to a place where they have wanted to go. Proposing while doing an activity on your partner’s bucket list can make the moment memorable. Taking your partner on holiday is also an option. Think of a place that your partner will deem as special.

Plan a Surprise

Once you have zeroed in on the venue, you can start planning your surprise accordingly. The cliché of putting the ring in the bottom of a glass of champagne can be romantic, but there is much more than you can do. Think of what your partner expects from the night and try to do the unexpected to catch them off guard. Try to act as if there is nothing special planned if you want to surprise your partner.

Get it on Tape

If you are going to propose, then you can ask a friend to record the proposal secretly. Keep your partner engaged to ensure that they do not know they are being recorded. You can hire a professional photographer and ask them to be discreet if you think your partner will be able to spot anyone they know easily. If you are planning a destination proposal, then you can ask the staff of the venue to help you record the moment.

There are many bad proposal ideas that you can you need to choose to avoid. To make the proposal memorable try to make it as original as you can.


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