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A Few MOT Tips Before Driving In London This Autumn

Autumn is most definitely here – there’s a chill in the air and all the leaves are turning brown and falling like there’s no tomorrow. With the changing weather conditions, it’s important to ensure that your car is safe to drive. There are a few things to take into consideration before you take your car out.

The roads you may be travelling on

This time of year the roads can be a very dangerous place to be. Falling leaves, slippery surfaces from damp weather and/or mud from farm vehicles and the sun being low in the sky can all make driving conditions difficult if you don’t know the area you’re driving well make sure you pay extra attention as you never know what may lay ahead. Similarly, if you are travelling in big towns or cities you are bound to come across traffic. Congested roads are an issue all over the UK but especially in London in areas such as New Kings Road, Shirley Road and Henleys Roundabout. Allow extra time for your journies and ensure that you set off in plenty of time so that if you do end up in a jam you won’t be stressed or rushing trying to get to your destination.

Does your car have MOT

It is really important that your car is always in good condition no matter what time of year it is. But it is really important that you ensure your tyres on all four corners of the car are in good condition. If their tred is low you might want to change them now so that when the weather worsens you won’t lose grip. If you get caught in snow or heavy rain the last thing you want is your car skidding and sliding all over.

If your car is due a service now is a great time to get it done so that it is ready for the colder months. Make sure you top up your water/screenwash, oil and antifreeze so that your engine and windows are well protected. As the weather worsens your need to keep your windows clear will most definitely increase.

Your car must have a current MOT. Although a car with an MOT could still break down or fail vehicles without MOT are not fit to drive. Cars under 3 years old don’t need an MOT all other cars on the road need to have an MOT once a year.

There are some exemptions as to vehicles that don’t need an MOT. You can read more about them and the rules and regulations regarding this here.  If you live, work or travel in and around London, you could Book your vehicle MOT at DAT Hammersmith garage. This will save you a lot of trouble and minimize the chance of inconvenience while driving inside or outside of London because without MOT you cannot drive the vehicle.

If your car does not have an MOT you can be fined. If you are found to be driving without a valid certificate you could be fined up to £2,500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points on your driving licence.

When is your MOT due?

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