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Our Wedding Plans – An Update of Sorts

Who knew that planning and organising a wedding could be so difficult? When I get married next time I’m leaving all the planning to someone else – this is a joke in case you were wondering, I won’t be doing it a second time unless of course, Jenson Button declares his undying love for me – then and only then would I consider getting married for a second time although you have to be married first to be able to get married for the second time don’t you, so I’d best get on with planning the first one hadn’t I!!

Our problem is that every time we decide on something one of us changes our mind about it or something else. It is getting to the point where we need to draw lots out of hats and just stick to it because I am driving myself absolutely crazy with my own indecisiveness. We are 99% sure on the place we want to get married but then I threw a spanner in the works at the weekend by suggesting we got married at a hotel in my hometown with all of our family and friends there.

I 1000% have my dress or should I say dresses (all depends on the venue as to which one I wear) and I’m set on having a bouquet of tulips to walk down the aisle with. I just need to get back on the healthy eating and exercising so that I fit into said dress/es.

We have two suit designs that we both really like so we need to decide on that very soon so that we can decide on our colour scheme. I’m thinking a grey suit and blue accessories but who knew there were so many different shades of grey and blue – I would not make a professional wedding planner I can tell you. I honestly think my problem is that I have no good colour coordination so I don’t want to be the one to make the final decision in case everything looks awful, either you’ve got it or you haven’t and I certainly do not have it.

We are struggling to decide on our wedding rings. Do we go for something plain or do we go for something that has something a little different? Again there is just so much choice and this isn’t a bad thing unless of course, you’re as indecisive as can be, this then makes everything so much harder. My ring is pretty much sorted I’m happy to have a thin plain band as I only have tiny little hands and anything over a few mm in width would just make my fingers look awful. Matthew, on the other hand, has quite large hands and would need a band that was quite thick. We have been looking at men’s rings online and have seen so many designs that we both love but I think we are almost decided on an inner circle men’s ring for him.

Lastly, if we get married in New York then we don’t have to plan a honeymoon but if we don’t I would love for us to go back to Amsterdam but travel there by train so that we get a little bit of an adventure. Why Amsterdam? because it was the first place Matthew and I visited as a couple. It is a beautiful city and has so much to offer. I’d love to go to Anne Frank’s house and visit the Van Gogh museum and of course bring home some more tulip bulbs to plant in our garden – I promise I’ll take good care of these ones.

So from this post, all you’ve probably gathered is that I am really bad at making decisions and that any planning should be left to someone else… but I do have the perfect cake in mind and I’m beginning to think that so longs as the cake is sorted then all will be alright on the night or so they say…after all everyone loves a good cake!


*This is a collaborative post*

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