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Letting Your Kids Loose In The Garden This Summer

When it comes to taking a holiday, the summer is the biggest and often best time of all to really let loose. You can plan so much in the month or so before the kids back to school and you’re back at work full time, and the sun is nearly perpetually out, so you really could get up to anything! But that also means that whenever you’re just sitting at home, you feel like you’re missing out

And this strikes the kids most of all; when school isn’t around to tire them out, and they’ve got an entire house and garden to run around and laugh in, they’re going to get in a bit of a mess if there’s nothing set out for them to do! So in order to keep your kids properly occupied over this season, make sure you use some of the suggestions below (and the like) to really capitalise on your back door space.

Use this season to pique their wonder at the outside world!

Make Sure The Space is Secure

Before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to walk around the perimeter of your garden to make sure nothing can get in or out from the outside that you haven’t given permission for. Sure, your kids aren’t just going to run out the back gate like a puppy would, given the chance, but kids are curious, and neighbourhoods aren’t always as safe as we think. Don’t give your little ones any temptation to go exploring in the woods behind your house without you there, and make sure your garden gate locks properly to keep anyone else from wandering in.

Seeing as the winter and the spring that came before this summer was a little wet and weary, you probably will need to do some garden maintenance. You’re going to want to check that the fence hasn’t been knocked out of the foundations by the wind and rain, that the lock on the gate hasn’t rusted away, and that the security light you had installed a couple of months ago still works for movement in the evening.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of fence panels for sale out there currently, so you can easily replace a broken section or reinforce a fence panel that’s tilting into the neighbour’s garden. Locks are easily replaced, seeing as you can buy a new padlock for a couple of quid down your local shop. And the security light could need new batteries, or a bit of rewiring can be comfortably done with a tutorial.

When you’ve got a water balloon fight planned, you don’t want any of your kids accidentally nailing one of the neighbours in the face! It can be one of the quickest ways to sour your relationships on the street…

Teach Them How to Garden

Kids love to get messy, usually, and because of that, they’re going to love digging around in the soil you’ve got out there. So make sure you put this creative energy to good use by teaching them to garden; you never know when your child is going to grow up to become a gardening presenter for the BBC one day!

Gardening is an easy skill to get hold of, but a hard one to master, considering all of the variables involved, so make sure you get this skill into your children’s heads from a young age. Teach them how to hold a trowel and tunnel away, what seeds are planted in each season, why a watering can is better than a hose, and then listen to their stories of how they regaled their class with their knowledge when they come home after their first day back in September. Make yourself a proud Mummy by simply stepping outside and having some fun in the sun!

Not to mention, you can keep track of any of the flowers or vegetables or succulents you plant with little diaries, to make sure your kids are truly invested in the life they’re cultivating in their own backyards. They can even make stories about the plants they planted, especially if it’s something interesting like a Sunflower that’s going to grow as tall as the shed, or the Ivy that can be poisonous in some places… Kids always have a great imagination for these things!

Plan a Scavenger Hunt for Them

Scavenger hunts are always fun, no matter what age we are, so make sure you plan one this summer for your kids to go on. Whether it’s for creepy crawlies and interesting leaves and the bendiest twigs your children can find, or you’ve planted some items out there and left clues for them to follow to pick them up, you can have a lot of fun even just as the observer!

Set a time limit, hand out checklists for them to tick off when they find what you’re asking them for, and then watch as they compete to win whatever prize you’ve deemed worthy to sweeten a boring day. It could be a tray of cupcakes, a water gun they can spray the others with, or just a pack of colouring pens for you to find all over the walls later on!

Give them a disposable camera and have them take pictures as well, to really make it seem like a serious tournament, and to have plenty of photos to stick in the memory book when you have the time! Just make sure you’ve set out some easy to follow rules, as you don’t want any fights, jealousy, or tears from anyone involved in the hunt!

Ready to Have Some Fun in the Sun?

Your kids definitely are! Children always seem to have boundless energy, and having them stuck in the house for weeks on end is never a good way to use it. So get the garden ready and set up some activities out there; your kids need some stimulation over the holidays to make sure they go to bed at night! Have a great summer!

*This is a collaborative post*

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