Adding A Touch Of luxury To Your Family Home

Given the high costs involved, living in a luxurious way is something that most people can only dream of. But from top technology to integrated spotlights, there are plenty of ways that a family home can be given touches of elegance – all of which are sure to wow your guests and increase that lovely feeling of being at home.

And from a financial point of view, luxury homes can command a real premium when it comes to putting them on the market: in some cases, the additional value can easily reach thousands of pounds. So with both aesthetics and financial value in mind, here are some of the key reasons to invest in a touch of luxury for your property.

Luxury Focal Points

While it may not be possible to kit out your entire home in designer furnishings, sleek glass surfaces and the latest technology, it’s possible to create a sense of luxury no matter what your budget might be. Often, this relies on a single luxury focal point in each room. Televisions are good for this in a living space: a large, flat-screen Smart set made with a swanky grey finish is eye-catching, and it will put you and your guests in a luxurious mindset. For your bedroom, meanwhile, why not consider keeping your carpets, bed and linen – but investing in a four-poster canopy to go around the bed?

Light and Windows

Luxury homes are never dark and dingy: instead, they’re often full of bursts of bright light, either from large windows or from artificial internal lights. For that reason, dispensing with heavy curtains and bland blinds is a must-do: instead, fashionable plantation shutters create a luxurious yet casual sense of Mediterranean style. Lamps and spotlights also give that luxury effect, so are also worth investing in.

Soft Furnishings

Most items in a home are really only there to be looked at or touched briefly. From the cooker to the cornice, any sense of style that comes from most appliances and furniture pieces is derived mostly from observation. The one exception to this is the humble soft furnishing: blankets, rugs and cushions are all examples of tangible household items that are frequently touched rather than just observed, and that means an additional opportunity to create luxury.

If you’re on a limited budget, focusing your resources on buying comfortable and fine soft furnishings will be something you and your guests really will notice. While removable luxury soft furnishings may not give your home more value when it comes to selling, they’ll certainly make the time you do spend there a lot more enjoyable.

Decorating a house is something that all homeowners will need to do from time to time. For those who have both an eye for great design and some financial nous, luxury is a great option: whether it’s a set of chic wooden shutters or a suite of comfortable soft furnishings, there’s a luxury choice for everyone no matter what interior design preferences they might have.

*This is a collaborative post*

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