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Tips To Help You Buy The Correct Tyres This Summer

We all know that getting our car serviced is important and is something that should be carried out according to manufactures guidelines, for example, our car is every 19,000 miles or once a year, whichever is soonest but many of us neglect the health of our car’s tyres. Which is really silly as they are one of the most important parts of our cars.
Why Is Tyre Safety Important
Your tyres are the only thing between your vehicle and the road, and they have a massive impact on many things including:
  • Your vehicle’s performance – If your tyres are under or overinflated this can dramatically affect your fuel consumption and the day to day handling of your vehicle. This can cause understeering, oversteering and can lead to punctures which if this was to happen whilst at speed could cause a blowout and could possibly put yourself and others in danger.
  • Stopping distances – If your tyres are worn your stopping distances increase in all conditions but are severely affected when the road conditions are bad e.g when they are moist from a shower.
  • Handling on wet roads – Worn tyres have less grip, this means in wet conditions they will be unable to displace the surface water if this happens your car will aquaplane and you will have no control as your car will just slide on the road.
  • Heat buildup – As your tyres wear there is less rubber between your car and the road. As the rubber flexes bulges form, these can become very dangerous if you do not replace your tyres before this happens as the heat build-up inside the tyre could cause your tyre to blow.
Things To Consider When Purchasing New Tyres
  • Check Your Numbers – Size, Speed and Load, ensure that the tyres you buy are adequate for your car. If you have  large, heavy car you will need tyres
  • Type of Tyres – Depending on the time of year may depend on what type of tyre you buy. All season tyres are usually recommended in the UK as they are great for all of the weather our seasons throw at us. If you buy summer tyres and don’t replace them before winter arrives you may find yourself with less grip on the road.
  • Balance – When buying new tyres it is recommended to buy them in pairs so that your tyres are balanced. If you need to replace one tyre you should replace the opposite side too
  • Budget, Mid-range or Premium – Buy what you can afford, budget tyres will often last less time so although cheaper at the point of purchase, in the long run, they aren’t very cost effective.

If you need new tyres it is often better to visit a local tyre centre, if you live in or around Kent consider going to S Point for online buying of tyres. Your tyre centre will make it easy to get the correct tyres for your car at a location that is near to you. This will save you both time and money in the long run. They will make sure that the tyres are the correct size for your car and will ensure that they are fitted safely and correctly, by ensuring that they are balanced and inflated to the correct pressure.

Remember – Look after your tyres and they will look after you!!


*This is a collaborative post*

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