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Looking Forward – Autumn Outfit Wish List

Summer is finally here and I don’t know about you but we are certainly enjoying the beautiful weather that has graced us for the last month or so. The boys break up from school at the weekend and as much as I hope the glorious sunshine is going to stay, I’m also a realist and know that Autumn isn’t that far away. Afterall, we’ve already seen the longest day of the year and it really isn’t that long until we turn the clocks back. I say it often but it really is crazy how fast this year is running by. This has got me thinking about my wardrobe and how the shorts and lovely summer tops I’ve not long purchased aren’t going to be practical when the days and nights turn cooler in a few weeks time.

Some of the things I will be adding to my wardrobe include:

Jeans – In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with having a pair or three of your favourite jeans in your wardrobe. In the colder months, I love wearing jeggings and skinny jeans as they go with pretty much everything and are practical for working from home, on the school run and running errands.

Jumpers – In recent years I have always worn 3/4 t-shirts as I find them really comfy and when working from home they are practical but this year I am planning to add a couple of lightweight jumpers, sweatshirts and even a jumper dress or two to my collection so that I have something a little different to wear instead of my usual outfits.

Footwear – In the colder months there are two main things I wear on my feet.

  • Slippers – When I’m home, I live in my slippers. I always have cold feet in the winter so I usually try to buy slippers that have a fur lining so that they keep my toes cosy.
  • Boots – I love my boots, 90% of my school runs are done on foot come rain or shine (more than likely rain in our case) so making sure my feet are kept warm and dry is a must. I have three pairs of boots and will be looking to replace them all very soon. A pair of wellies for walking the dogs and for the occasional snow blizzard we get, a pair of ankle boots and a pair of long boots. Over the knee boots are a great snug fit and perfect to wear with leggings and a jumper dress or with jeggings.

Outerwear  – A new coat is a must this year for me. I’ve worn the same coat for the last three, maybe even four years as it’s so snuggly and great at keeping the cold out but it has seen better days. I will be looking to replace it with a parka style coat that has large pockets (need to keep my phone and keys safe) and a nice heavyish hood so that it doesn’t blow down in the wind and rain.

Are you planning to update your wardrobe for the colder months?


*Written in collaboration with Uppersole*

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