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Five Ways To Update Your Kitchen

I often write about how I plan on changing different things in our home and changing our kitchen is definitely on the list too but it is way down on the list as at the minute our kitchen is ok just as it is. If we do extend our house then the kitchen will be having a total makeover and everything will be replaced but until this time arrives there are a few things I do want to update in the meantime. Recently we had to replace a cupboard door as the hinge had broken and although I’m not a fan of what we already have there isn’t anything wrong with them so it made sense just to replace the one broken door rather than the full set.

Here are some of the things I am considering changing:

Appliances – We were recently sent a new dishwasher and I would love to change some of our other appliances to fit in with it. One thing we will certainly be purchasing is a new washer dryer as ours is on its last legs and we will definitely need a new one before winter arrives.

Cabinets – As there is nothing wrong with the cabinets we already have in place I would consider giving them a lick of paint or adding a vinyl wrap over them. It is surprising how much fresher your kitchen will look with just this little change. I would also consider changing the handles on both the cabinets and drawers as they have lost the lovely sparkle that they had when they were new.

Worktops –  At the minute our kitchen worktop is a light grey with a dark grey speckle all over it. I’m not a huge fan if I’m honest and eventually, I would love to replace them with either a new kitchen worktop maybe a dark grey or black granite or a wood effect one.

Lighting – Adding a new light fitting in any kitchen would make the room look bigger and brighter and this is certainly something I want to change in ours. At the minute we have a strip light which is horrible. I may consider adding lighting to the bottom of our existing cupboards as I think that they can really change the tone and mood of a room. At the minute I would look at adding stick on lights to the underneath of our top cabinets but if we were replacing them I would definitely be looking at a kitchen that had lighting included in the kick plates and cabinet bottoms.

Flooring – At the minute we have a light brown tiled effect lino floor covering in our kitchen and I hate it. Even when it is mopped or steam cleaned less than five minutes later it looks dirty again and in winter it is a nightmare – think two dogs and muddy paw prints. I will definitely be changing this to a darker coloured lino so that it looks nicer for longer.

Are you planning on updating your kitchen anytime soon? If so are you considering any of the above?


*This is a collaborative post*

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