Wowing Evening Guests With Some Wedding Fun

The day of the wedding itself is, in most cases, the chance to keep things classy, dignified, beautiful, and solemn. The evening demands something of a shift in mindset. While everyone is celebrating, you need to get in the mood to really party and kicking things off after dinner can be the perfect way to do that. Here are a few ways you can get the night in full swing.

Let everyone make their mark

There are very few weddings that don’t have a guestbook. However, you can let guests leave their best wishes and express themselves in unique fashion by offering them the chance to get visual with it, instead. Photo booth hire can offer lots of props, backdrops, and a professional hand to let everyone show whatever kind of personality, wit, or humour they want, and most of them offer some space to leave a well-meaning, thoughtful message, too.

a deck of cards being shuffled

Put on a show

After dinner, most people are going to be a little too stuffed to immediately get up and hit the dancefloor. Just following the speeches, it can feel like the pressure is on you during the first dance, too. Why not have an entertainment interlude? Hire a magician or put on some sort of show that helps everyone relax, laugh, and feel a little more festive. It’s the perfect icebreaker and if you get it right you’ll be hearing compliments about your choice all night.

Take it somewhere different

The venue is a matter of huge importance when moving into the evening. Someone, the venue alone can be enough entertainment. This is certainly true about having overseas weddings and choosing spots by the beach or in the park can add a touch of natural beauty to the event. Just make sure you’re considering the budget implications, especially as far as the most important guests are concerned. You may not want to ask too much of them or help them prepare a budget option for them to make it.

Let the food be the entertainment

The dinner itself is going to be one of the highlights of the wedding for many. However, you can also use food to break down barriers and really give things the air of celebration. Having someone at the venue making candy floss or a similar sort of celebratory treat can pull away the veil of seriousness and give the party a bit of flavour.

Get traditional with it

Everyone can trace their family back to find their roots, and often those roots come with some interesting wedding traditions. From henna tattoos to traditional forms of dance, you can appeal to the sentimentality of the older generation of your family and offer guests who might not be part of that tradition something interest, unique, and maybe even a little bit educational.

What kind of entertainment or attraction you decide to go for is all up to you and what you think you and your guests would most enjoy. The sky’s the limit, so feel free to get creative with it.


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