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Reasons Why You May Need A Man With A Van

We live busy lives, and anything that can make life easier is always a win-win in my eyes. Sometimes our cars just aren’t big enough for some of the jobs we need help with this is where a man with a van can help you especially if you’re about to:

Move House

Moving house is a massive task. We know this all too well. When we moved from the coast 9 years ago we had a lot of stuff. So much stuff that we had to make two trips with a van and two cars – yes we had that much stuff. If we were to move house again I dread to think how much stuff we would have this time around as according to Matthew I’m a bit of a hoarder – says Mr Fisherman with all his rods, reels and everything else…

Purchase A Big Item Online

I love shopping online and eBay is one of my favourite places to both window shop and buy. In the past, I have been put off buying large items from eBay as we’ve never been able to get items home, especially if far away home. If you need something picking up and delivering to you or if you’ve sold something and need it delivered to your buyer enquire with Shiply who will be able to help you move your item both quickly and easily.

Purchase Big Items Locally

A couple of years ago we needed to replace our garden fence. We knew the new panels wouldn’t fit in our car and the store we purchased them from didn’t offer home delivery. Luckily we had a friend who had a van who helped us bring the panels home but if they hadn’t been able to help I’d have certainly considered hiring a man with a van for this task. In fact, we need a new fence at the front of our house and some of the new fences is in need of replacing already (thanks kids and dogs) so we will definitely be keeping our options open when the time comes for us to purchase new fence panels.

Remove Rubbish

If you have lots of rubbish at home that you need removing hiring a man with a van could help you. Make sure that they have a waste carriers licence though and that they will dispose of your waste appropriately in our local area last year fly tippers caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and clean-up bills thanks to their disgusting and illegal work. If any of the rubbish can be traced back to you, you will be the one who is hit with the fine.


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