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How to Choose Acoustic Wall Panels For Your Hotel Rooms

Noise is the most common complaint that guests have about their stay in hotels. You might also have come through such hotels where you would have disturbances created by sounds of the hotel staff roaming in the corridor, the voice of the persons staying in the surrounding rooms, sounds of ice making machines, or even the noise from the rooms above. Such hotels offer a very bad experience to the guests by forcing them to have a restless stay. All these problems are caused due to the poor acoustics of the hotel rooms. The elements that are most commonly utilized to set up a room include hardwood floor, tiles, hard walls, and ceilings as well. All these hard surfaces produce a lot of reverberation and echoes. This further results in uncontrollable noise as sounds can easily get transmitted through the hard surfaces.

All these sound problems need to be solved to offer a comfortable and joyful environment to stay for the guests. For correcting the acoustics of the hotel rooms, there are a wide variety of solutions available in the market that perfectly addresses the acoustics of the place. One such innovative and beautiful solution for improving the acoustics of your hotel rooms is the acoustical panels. These panels are usually designed of soft fabric that has the capacity to absorb the sound within thus reducing echoes and reverberation. If you are interested in opting these wall panels for your hotel, here are some guidelines on how to choose such panels so that you can have the best possible choice ever.

Consider the Fabric of Acoustic Panels

The acoustic wall panels come in a wide variety of fabric options such as nylon, cotton, crepe and more. Different wall panels pertaining to different kinds of fabrics have their unique characteristics. Although for hotel rooms, you should step back for nylon and crepe based panels. Cotton fabric based panels are always the best choice. The reason behind deselecting nylon and crepe is that they are prone to absorbing and retaining too much moisture. It means these panels may start sagging and looking ugly as soon as there is an increase in humidity levels. Whereas cotton has the highest capacity to absorb the sound within thus eliminating echoes and thus discomfort.

Flammability must be Considered

For hotels and all kinds of commercial areas, it is of the highest importance to choose such products that are fire retardant. While purchasing the wall panels for your hotel rooms, it is important that you first check whether the products pass the ASTM E84 Tunnel test with a good rating preferably A. Soundproofing panels that comply with the fire codes are always a good choice and are considered the safest solutions for any space. Their compliance with the fire code implies that they don’t create any fire hazard risks to your property.

Never Neglect the Looks

As a hotel owner, obviously your aim is not just to offer a place to stay with your guests instead you will definitely be interested in offering them a visually appealing surrounding as well. A good visual appeal always offers a positive impact on the onlookers’ mind that is, of course,

beneficial for your business. Since these acoustic panels would be easily viewable to the guests that will be coming to your hotel, so, it is important that you also take their appeal into consideration. These days, you can find a wide variety of decorative acoustic wall panels in the market that not only offer acoustical treatment to your hotel but also facilitate with wonderful interior decorations. You can opt suitable colour scheme of the panels along with desired patterns, textures and all thus making your hotel rooms heavenly areas to stay.

Sustainability of the Fabric is also Important

Considering the sustainability of the fabric with which acoustic panels have been used is also important. It is always a wise decision to go for panels that are made from recycled material. Recycled material ensures the people as well as environmentally friendly nature of the products. These kinds of products mostly suit people of all kinds and have the negligible possibility of being non-toxic or allergenic.

Durability is Crucial

Durability is, of course, one of the most important features that you need to consider. For this, you need to confirm whether the panels are shock absorbent and impact resistant or not. These characteristics of panels ensure that they are capable to bear the situations when there will be a significant amount of flow of traffic over them. It means these two properties are the standard to determine the durability of the acoustical panels. Also, their power to withstand different types of weather conditions is a plus. As their weatherproof nature makes them capable to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and hence adding a significant number of years to their lives.

Ease of Installation

You would definitely be interested in a solution that will require least possible installation effort and time. The latest and modular designs in soundproofing panels market offer very easy installation process. So, it is a wise decision to prefer panels that are easily installable over the panels that require some kind of construction work. While considering the installation methods to be utilized, you also need to check if those are tackable or not. Go for the solutions that have superior holding features. It means they can stick to your walls, floors or your ceilings throughout without giving a sense of detachment to the onlooker. Good quality wall panels have pinnable surfaces as they can offer a strong grip on the surface thus leading to better looks as well as longevity.

These are certain key characteristics of good sound absorbing wall panels that you need to consider so that you can have the best possible solutions for your hotel. Good quality panels will not only offer your guests acoustically perfect environment but will also offer them a place full of warmth and great appeal that they would definitely love to visit again and again.


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