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Things I’m Considering When Updating My Garden

I love my garden, it is my safe place, my sanctuary and it helps keep me grounded. It may sound silly to most but it is my one place and although it is a little on the untidy side at the minute I have big plans for its future. The beauty of having a big garden is that we can do so many things with it that they won’t look overcrowded or out of place.

At the minute our garden is practical for the dogs and the boys, we have a massive lawn with a playhouse at the bottom of the garden, a trampoline and a shed that needs replacing other than that there is nothing. We need to cut back all the trees that surround our garden but as they’re not in our garden we need to clarify what we are allowed to cut back. As much as I love trees they block out so much sunlight we are struggling to dry washing even on the nicest of days.

A summerhouse/ small office

Yesterday I wrote about setting up a home office. This is something that in the future I will be considering. We don’t have space inside our home for an office unless we extend so until we decide if this is an option for us I think a small office in a corner of the garden would be perfect. Whilst we were adding a small office I think a new shed is also in order.

A paved area

I would love to add a new patio in my garden – it would be the perfect area for having barbecues. At the minute the only paved areas we have are currently taken up by the trampoline and the old shed. When I eventually get around to updating my garden this will be one of the first things that I sort. I’m not sure how big our paved area will be or how it will look and I’m not sure what type of paving we will use but it will be an area that is used often.

Garden Furniture

To go with my new paved area we will definitely need some new garden furniture. I would love a rattan set so that I can sit in comfort whilst reading having a cup of tea and reading a book. I also think we would need a set where we can eat a meal outside when the weather is nice.

Flowers and Plants

At the minute we have no flowers in our garden. I once planted some tulip bulbs in the front garden and a couple in a cute planter in the back garden. This year I had one single flower bloom – one!!! This is something that I’d love to change about my garden. I would love some flowerbeds full of bright and beautiful flowers. I’d also love a rose bush or two as they are my mum and nana’s favourite flowers.

Do you have any plans to update your garden? If so I’d love to hear about it below.


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