A groom having a white button hole flower added to his black suit on his wedding day

Choosing The Right Suit For Your Wedding

Anyone planning their wedding knows just how much there is to plan, and choosing your colour scheme is probably one of the most important and first decisions that you will make. It is the central theme of everything and one you need before you start putting your plans into action. Although you may think that choosing your grooms suit won’t be difficult there are more things to consider than what you think – will he wear a morning coat, a tux, waistcoat or not, tie or cravat and then once you’ve decided on that you need to find them in the colours of your choice.

So just how much choice is there when it comes to deciding what your husband to be will wear on your big day? The answer is a lot. If you’re getting married abroad a full suit may be too much and he may prefer a shirt and pair of shorts – especially if you’re having a beach wedding. You may want him in a full suit with tops and tails or maybe something in between. Below are some suit ideas you may consider for your own wedding, at the minute Matt and I are leaning towards a suit and tie for him to wear on our wedding day.

  • A Morning Suit

A classic black tailored morning suit is perfect for any formal occasion. Whether you are attending the races or a Groomsman at a wedding, this type of outfit offers the ultimate timeless formal attire and will never go out of fashion. If tops and tails aren’t for your groom he could simply wear a smart suit comprising a jacket and matching trousers teamed with a tie and/or waistcoat of his choice.

  • A Tuxedo

A tuxedo is timeless and it is a great fit for most body types and is most definitely suitable for any formal function that you attend and would be perfect for any wedding ceremony.

  • A Novelty Suit

Sometimes a black or grey suit just doesn’t tick the boxes you need or want and there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re a fan of Don’t Tell The Bride you may have seen an episode not so long ago where the groom had all his grooms party in Christmas themed suits. He had planned a Christmas themed wedding in summer! but surprisingly he pulled it off very well. The suits, although very out there, looked great. Dobell has a huge range of novelty suits available from Christmas to Superheroes to fruit or Pac Man. They would be great if you’re planning a wacky themed wedding, a stag do or even just for a  fun night out with the lads.


Are you getting married soon? Have you and your groom decided on the suit he will wear or are you leaving the choice up to him?


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