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Why Wearing The Correct Bra Size Gave Me More Confidence

Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? Until very recently I was one of these women. I used to wear a 38D but when I was measured in a shop a couple of months ago the lady said I should have been wearing a 42E – both cup size and chest measurements were the wrong size for me. I didn’t know that this was the wrong size as to me it fit OK, but since wearing the correct size I have noticed many things have improved including:

Less Pain – before finding my correct size I suffered from backache a lot. I didn’t think that my wrong bra size was a factor at all, but it does make sense that if not wearing the right size you will suffer pain. Make sure you measure correctly before buying a new bra. If you can’t do this effectively ask a friend to help or go to a shop that has a trained person who can measure you properly.

More Confidence – Wearing the right size bra has helped me to look and feel good. If like me you were wearing the wrong size you may have found that your breasts sagged when you wore a bra that was too big or if your bra is too small it will push your breasts out of the cup. Your bra is meant to cover your breasts comfortably without any spillage or gaps and without causing any pain. I have noticed that my breasts although are a larger size they look smaller now that I wear a bra that supports them fully.

Being Able To Choose the Right Bra – Since the start of the new year I have been exercising more. I am also running more than I ever have and for that, I needed a bra that would support my breasts when I moved. As they are rather large I needed to make sure that I chose and always wear a sports bra that will give me plenty of support – a badly fitted sports bra can be extremely uncomfortable and can make your workout harder in the long run. Similarly, when I am going out or even just getting dressed on a morning I can now decide on which bra is right for the day/occasion, it’s important to have bras like this as they will make sure I feel comfortable it will complement my fuller figure and the outfit I am wearing.

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