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Five Stylish Border Tile Ideas for your Bathroom

If you are planning on renovating your bathroom in the not so distant future then you may be looking at ways you can provide it with a unique style. Even a small feature can go a long way in producing a real wow factor. A border design is a cost-effective way of introducing a decorative appearance on walls. It will add a contrasting element to the general wall design and will, therefore, create an eye-catching décor. Take a look below for some border tile inspiration.

1. Glass Strip Border

For a touch of elegance, a glass strip border design is an excellent choice. A simple border feature like this will not overpower the overall design and is therefore perfect for smaller bathrooms. This bathroom even features the same border design on the floor which complements the wall feature extremely well.

2. Mosaic Wall Border

Mosaic tiles are a versatile choice and can be used in a variety of ways on walls. In addition to backsplash coverings, mosaics can also be put to great use as a border. The intricacy of a mosaic layout produces a standout quality which contrasts with standard format tiles to provide your bathroom with an interesting appearance.

3. Zig Zag Border

You can provide your bathroom wall with an original style by choosing a zig zag border design. This look can be created with brick effect tiles and produces a distinctive feature which will impress your guests.

4. Vertical Shower Wall Border

Your shower wall doesn’t have to continue the same theme as the rest of your bathroom as you can transform its style with a vertical border design. A contrasting colour will bring this part of your bathroom to life by providing a trendy feature.

5. Mix and Match Border

A border feature which has a colour and style which matches with the accompanying wall tiles but also comprises of contrasting elements is great for producing a trendy appearance. Mix and match borders provide your bathroom with a consistent décor but also subtle nuances which create a unique charm.

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