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Five Things I Will Be Changing in My Living Room

The last time we decorated our living room James was still a toddler – he is going to be 9 this summer which means only one thing – that our living room is in much need of redecorating and soon. To say I am dreading it is an understatement but this time around we need to strip all the wallpaper and probably reskim the walls with plaster.

To give you some idea of the work that is needed almost all the walls are papered in blown vinyl (woodchips equally as ugly twin sister in my opinion) we aren’t 100% sure what is lurking beneath them – we have an idea as when we stripped our chimney breast  the last time we decorated to create a feature wall all those years ago it took us 3 solid days to strip and prep the wall for papering – it is going to be fun – NOT!!! Again to give you some idea as to what the walls will more than likely be like you can see our before and after posts of when we last decorated the boy’s room – which is also in need of decorating soon.

In the meantime here are some of the things I will be replacing/adding when I take the plunge and decorate the living room:
  • A Desk and Bookcase – At the minute we have a big bulky desk in our living room. In the not too distant future, I’d like to change this for a smaller corner desk and add an additional bookcase so that I can keep all my work items together in one place. At the minute my stuff seems to take over and it would be lovely if this wasn’t the case. I’d also like a lovely dining room table and chairs but I’m not sure we would have room for them all in the available space – definitely, something I need to take a closer look at.
  • Sofas and Cushions – We’ve never had a brand new sofa – we’ve always bought secondhand or been given them by my lovely friend. This is something that we are definitely going to change and I can’t wait to be able to snuggle up on my big comfy sofa with a book and a brew – there will be no feet or pets up on the furniture mind.
  • Lampshades and a Floor Lamp – Our room is quite well lit but I’d love to be able to have two well-placed table lamps and a matching free standing floor lamp so that on an evening I can snuggle up with my book and be cosy in my living room. There is a huge range of modern floor lamps available to buy so when it comes to deciding on our new lighting we will have to make sure we get a lamp that fits in with our decor and is able to be moved so that I can read without damaging my eyes.
  • A Carpet and/or Rug – For the last 8 years we have had laminate flooring and it has seen better days. Now that the boys are older and we no longer have puppies running everywhere I’d love to have a new carpet fitted. There is no better feeling than a nice soft carpet under your feet. As our room is really long we will have to decide on a colour which is perfect for my work end of the room and the area where we have our sofas and TV.
  • A Mirror – We already have a mirror hanging on our chimney but it is black framed. If we go for a totally new colour scheme we will have to change this so that it fits in. At the minute I am unsure what colours I’d like. We have grey, black and cream at the minute which looks lovely but can be very dark on dull days. We may just lighten the wall colours a little bit but who knows what I will decide on when I go to the shop to choose new wallpaper and paints.

I can’t wait until we can start decorating – although ask me if I still feel the same once we start as I bet I won’t be so happy about it then.

Are you planning a room/house redecorating spree if so what items will you be adding to your newly decorated rooms?


*This is a collaborative post*

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