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What Do You Want From Your Phone Call?

I don’t know about you but I have certain standards in life, not high unattainable standards but nice normal expected ones – you know like if you ask someone for help they should help you if they can, be spoken to in the same manner in which I have spoken to them and least of all do the job that they are employed to do.

I very rarely go shopping into town these days due to many (not all) sales assistants being rude or unhelpful. I am not a mean, rude or aggressive person and if I ask you a question or for your help I expect you to be kind and helpful in return. I prefer to shop online as then if I have a problem I can send the item back with little fuss.

A good example of this was a few weeks ago when I was wanting to upgrade my son’s mobile phone. The company were really helpful when I called them as I had seen a great deal online and wanted to make sure he got the best deal. The lady on the other end of the phone was lovely and so helpful and explained everything in detail and was really patient with me whilst I asked her to confirm exactly what was better about this newer phone model. I also find that the Tesco customer service team are great for sorting out any issues you may have when your food delivery hasn’t gone as expected. A few months ago some of our fruit and vegetables arrived in a battered and bruised state and wasn’t fit to be eaten. I rang up as soon as I had unpacked the bags (as this is when the damage was noticed) and they quickly got the issue in hand and refunded me for the damaged items.

Recently CCSN conducted a survey to find out what respondents hope to get out of a customer service phone call. You may or may not be surprised by their findings, which are shown in this image below.

What do you expect when you are making a phone call?


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