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Top Apps to Get You Through the Daily Commute

Heading off on your way to work can often be pretty stressful. However, you do need to always remember that it is your time, not anyone else’s. Most of us are not paid for the commute, so you know what? It’s time we reclaimed it.

Public transport can be an absolute pain in the mornings, with queues, delays and disruptions galore. But thankfully we have our smartphones these days, with plenty of apps on there to keep us entertained.

Media Apps

Sure, the packed-out 7:42 am train isn’t quite as comfortable as sitting on your sofa in front of your TV, but if you’ve managed to snag a seat, you should definitely make the most of it. Having the Netflix app on your phone isn’t exactly the big screen, but it definitely helps when you can’t tear yourself away from the binge. These apps are especially good around the time when new seasons are released and you want to know what happens on the latest shows before everyone else!

Don’t feel like watching on a screen that small? Spotify and other music apps are there to help. Block out other commuters super-easily while listening to your favourite songs.

Investing in the monthly fees for each of these apps is well worth it – not least because you have a wealth of media at your fingertips – but also because you can download things you’re interested in to come back to at a later time. Great for when your train goes under a tunnel.

Gaming Apps

Plenty of us absolutely love playing a variety of different games, and there is an abundance to be found in your relative app store. Mobile casinos are widely popular, with live casino operators offering an array of games such as those offered by UK’s Mr Smith* giving commuters an interactive experience no matter where they are. When you’re on your way to work, it’s hardly a very glamorous experience. Daydreaming that you’re living it up in Vegas playing live blackjack or roulette with a real-life dealer can often be a welcome escape from reality.

And what about people who walk to work? There are ways to get your gaming fix while getting in a fitness fix as well. Interactive games such as Zombies, Run! or Pokemon Go work with augmented reality to get better the further that you walk. If you’re a fan of this Japanese franchise, you can find and catch different Pokemon depending on the area that you’re passing through. Harry Potter fans can rejoice – creators Niantic aim to follow up on the success of Pokemon Go with one based on the witchcraft and wizarding world.

Lifehack Apps

If you have kids or a busy home life, the reality often is that that commute is your only time for five minutes to yourself. Getting yourself organised can be as simple as the touch of a button.

From calendars to your phone’s notes, getting things in order is something we all have to do. But what about when the thing you want to get in order is your mind? There are now even journal apps which you can use on the way home to sound off about your day and even practice a little mindfulness.

And if all else fails? Get a takeaway app and make sure dinner is on the table as soon as you walk through the door. Go on – you’ve earned it!


*Remember, gambling should always be fun and not used as a way to make money when you are in debt, if you are in debt or have a gambling habit that you can’t control please seek professional help*

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