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My February Playlist

Regular readers will know that My Three and Me host Tracks of My Years a regular slot that features other bloggers and the songs that they love and why. Those that know me well know how much I love my music. It has always played a massive part in my life and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t listen to or attempt to sing (I am probably the worst singer in the world FYI) bits from my favourite songs.  

Personally, I love listening to my music loud. The likes of Queen, Meatloaf and any of the many other power ballads you will find on my iTunes list are never played quietly in our house. We are currently redecorating our house top to bottom and I am hoping to have Panasonic wireless speakers in the living room, kitchen and my bedroom so that the rooms I use the most will always have a way for me to listen to my favourite songs.

Every month from now on I am planning to share with you some of the songs that I have been listening too. During January and February, I have been listening to lots of great songs, these are just a few of the songs that have made my playlist (there were about 100 songs on there – maybe even more):

Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same

This is a very recent addition to my playlist, it was added just last night after seeing Camila Cabello on Dancing on Ice (which is my favourite programme at the minute)

Sia – Chandelier

There is nothing better than singing along to this song at the top of my voice whilst blitzing through the housework.

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy

I have loved this song since being a teenager. I was in year 10 at school when it was released and I remember not being the “type” of girl who liked this “type” of music but you know what I didn’t care then and I really don’t care now. I still love it. I’ve always said that my taste in music is very much unique and as you can see by my playlist it certainly is that. This month I have been reliving my teenage years with the MTV Rocks – Pop Punk Vs The World. If like me you want to relive some of those amazing tunes, you can buy the album on Amazon.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

This is my favourite Ed Sheeran song to date (although I say that about most of his songs) but as it’s been Valentine’s Day this song has been played a lot. Matthew and I don’t have a song that we call “ours” but I think this one is winning so far and could make an appearance at our wedding.

Birdy – Wild Horses

Another song that I love to belt out whilst doing the housework or cooking – it is definitely one of my most played songs. I just love her voice.

Cyndi Lauper – All Through The Night

I had never heard this song until watching an episode of Supergirl with James and I just loved it straight away.

Matchbox Twenty – Unwell

My go-to song when I’m feeling anxious and worried – reminds me that it will pass and it won’t last forever.

Queen – The Show Must Go On

One of my (many) favourites from Queen. I love the lyrics, Freddie’s voice… just everything about it.

Sara Ramirez – The Story

Another one of my possible wedding songs – I do love this song and have for years. I recently started a rewatch of Grey’s Anatomy and the episode where this was featured came on – I may or may not have cried a lot whilst watching.

What songs have you been listening to this month?


*This is a collaborative post*

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