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Making the Most of a Romantic Night In

When you’re married with children, without the luxury of living in the centre of a big city and sans the access and funds required for babysitters, you sometimes need to be creative when planning an exciting and much-needed date night with your partner. We all love the feeling of being wined and dined by that special someone, and you don’t always need to leave the cosy confines of your home for the full experience. With a little bit of planning and creativity, there’s no reason you can’t have a fun and sexy date night without stepping too far beyond your home or your budget.

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First off, it’s important to commit in advance; you need to set aside that Friday night in your diary as “us time” and make sure that you plan around that, which means firmly screening any plans people try to make with you and being aware that this slot of time is just for you and your SO, which isn’t as easy as it sounds when you live a busy life. Just make sure you cover your bases and emphasise to yourself and to others that date night is a sacred time and, most importantly, make sure the arrangements for getting the kids out of the house are made well in advance, perhaps sending them to a friend’s house for a sleepover.

Next up, you’ll need to work on creating a romantic ambience that you know works for you and your partner. Every couple has different tastes and vibes which they find sensual so there’s no need here to give overly-specific advice about which scented candle will do the best job of getting those hormones flowing. Again, the important thing is to make the time to plan and to think about what kind of date night atmosphere you’d like to create in your living room. Perhaps you can try to recreate a particularly memorable experience that you’ve had with your partner, whether that’s an unforgettable holiday or a time from when you first started seeing each other. Get the Spotify playlist going, the lighting just right, and maybe rearrange the furniture; that little bit of effort can lead to a truly unforgettable night at home.

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It’s good to have an idea of an activity (ahem) you want to do on your date, and you can never go wrong with food. Of course, you can cook a three-course meal but it’ll feel more special and less exhausting if you splash out and order in a real romantic feast. Whether you love a good burger or want something a little more sophisticated, you can lay out some floor pillows and order in some delicious and inventive food to start your night off right. With sites such as Deliveroo offering delivery from many takeaways in any given city, it’s not even necessary to leave the house to pick something up. Make sure you don’t forget the most important ingredient though: the right bottle of wine.

Once you’ve considered all of these simple and quick things, the rest will just fall into place so you can relax and have a fun and stress-free date night, leaving you feeling romantically fulfilled and content.

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