Swann 720p 4 Channel 1TB DVR and 2 Camera CCTV Kit

Making Our Home More Secure

Making our home as safe and secure as possible for our family has always been something we said we want to do and will get around to sorting. We have thought about having a CCTV system installed, but it’s one of those things we have never actually got around to doing anything about until recently. We’ve always had the dogs (who make a lot of noise), decent locks on our windows and doors and a security light so as things go it’s not a bad set up really but there is always room to make things better. When we were recently offered a Swann 720p 4 Channel 1TB DVR and 2 Camera CCTV Kit to review from Maplin, it was the perfect excuse to upgrade and improve our security as we had previously planned.

Inside the box we found:
  • DVR4-1600 with 500GB Hard Drive
  • PRO-T835 720p Cameras x 2
  • BNC Cables 60ft / 18m x 2
  • Ethernet Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter & Splitter
  • Mouse
  • Mounting Screws & Plugs
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Theft Deterrent Stickers

The Swann 720p 4 Channel 1TB DVR and 2 Camera CCTV Kit is currently priced at £279.99 and is suitable for use at home or for small business premises such as an office or yard.

The very first thing we did upon opening the box was to look at the instructions. They indicated that the CCTV kit was easy to install, and in fact, it was – the hardest part for us was getting someone to come install the cameras. We decided that we would attach one of our cameras to the front of the house and the other at the back of the house. We decided that we would run the cables through the eaves and through the loft into our bedroom and attach the box to our TV so that we could see footage anytime we wished.

Once installed they provide a visible security presence so hopefully helping to keep you and your family or property safe. The cameras are built to last and are constructed from sturdy polycarbonate which guarantees durability no matter the weather conditions. The cameras are designed to keep your property secure in any light as the infrared night vision and powerful LEDs can see up to 20 metres away.

Swann Security Camera

Once set up the cameras are able to capture footage with 720p HD video and a 55-degree viewing angle – you can make out faces, identifiable clothing and vehicle license plates. The kit has a 1TB pre-installed hard drive which can record up to 80 days of footage meaning you can set up your system and just leave it to watch over your property. Should the unexpected or worst happen, it is easy to locate important video files and transfer them to an external storage if the clip needs to be shared with the police or insurance companies as evidence. We were surprised at how clear the image was both during the day and at night.

I really love that the video playback can be suited to your needs, the DVR allows HDMI or VGA output into a monitor or TV but if you’re away a lot / on holiday and need a solution that is portable, you can view footage easily by installing the free HomeSafe View app on to a smart device so that you can keep an eye on your property whilst away. This is perfect if you’re viewing a car park from the office or the shop floor from the stock room or your home whilst away on holiday. If you need to cover more areas, you can add more Swaan cameras to your already set up system easily.

Key features of the system:
  • Easily to install security cameras
  • Crystal clear HD video can be viewed live or watched later
  • Night vision of up to 20 metres
  • Durable cameras
  • Cover several areas by adding more cameras
  • Store up to 80 days of footage on the 1TB hard drive
  • Use the HomeSafe View app on your smart device to see footage on the go


*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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    26th February 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Great review. I really would love some kind of home security system for our house and I have been looking a lot lately, so it’s nice to have another one to look at.

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