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What Would You Do If You Won Big?

When I have spare time I love to enter competitions. There is a great online community and I have met many lovely friends through my hobby. One question that is often asked in and around the comping circuit is “What would you do if you won big?” There are so many great prizes to be won including gadgets, holidays and cars but the big competitions most compers like myself want to win is an ITV competition – they are the holy grail to us compers and they can be life changing – have you seen the recent competitions on offer? £125000, a new car and gadgets in one competition and £200000 in another. Recently one lady won £300,000 – how amazing would it be to get that phone call?

I have won many prizes in the past but a “biggie” still eludes me – one day I will win big I just know it. Until then I will just have to dream of the big one. When my biggie arrives here are some of the things I would spend my money on.

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Pay off any debts for me and my family – If I won a small fortune I would love to be debt free and ensure that my family and closest friends were too.
I would get married in Cuba – My dream wedding location is on a golden beach in Cuba. I would pay for all our family and closest friends to be there with us to share our big day.
Take the kids to Disneyland – If I won a small amount this is what I would spend the money on. It is somewhere I have always wanted to take the boys and their older brother before they get too old to enjoy the magic. I will take them one day though even if it’s when they have children of their own.
Buy a house – I would love to buy my own home. Somewhere to call my own would be perfect. Depending on the amount of money I won would depend on how big a house I buy. But in my dreams, I’m imagining a beautiful 10 bedroomed beauty with lawns, a pool and a massive kitchen.
Travel – I would love to buy a campervan and travel around Europe. Matthew is an angler and would love to visit other countries and visit some of their fishing lakes. I would be happy to sit at the side of a lake with my Kindle. It would be lovely to visit other countries at our own leisure too, I’ve done package holidays in the past and I really don’t like the hustle and bustle of transfers and busy holiday resorts.

If entering competitions isn’t your thing but playing the lottery is did you know that you can win big by betting on the outcomes of lottery draws around the world? The US Powerball lottery is similar to our own Lotto here in the UK and your odds of winning a prize in the Powerball draw aren’t much different either and you can win big life-changing amounts of money.

Lottoz UK offers you a chance to bet on the outcome of the Powerball Draw, place your bet online and who knows you could be winning bigger than your wildest dreams could imagine.
What would you do first if you won big?


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