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Five Ways To Save Time As A Busy Parent

It can be hard work being a parent and holding down a full-time job, especially if you have a large family and lots of commitments between you all, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get everything done. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I meet myself coming back again trying to get everything done that I need to around the house, all the boys after school clubs, their homework and trying to work too, it can get a little overwhelming at times and can often mean I forget / not do something when it needs doing. Only last week I forgot to put the bins out – big mistake, especially as we are on a two-week collection cycle.

Here are a few of the things I will be considering implementing in the new year to make my life easier.

Having a shower instead of a bath – I love having a bath but I tend to spend far too much time in the tub so having a shower instead would mean being able to wash my hair and get clean quickly but without relaxing in the bath for ages beforehand. Fitting a single impeller shower pump could give you that much-needed pressure so that you can have a quick, hot shower without the need for running a full bath and it would mean you can enjoy the perfect, speedy, shower.

Make a menu for the coming week’s meals – Having a set menu means you know what you are going to be preparing and eating during the following week. This means you can buy and prepare anything needed in advance. Also, make a shopping list before doing the food shop and stick to it, this will save you both time and money so that you aren’t buying unnecessary items and things that you think you need. Maybe consider shopping online so that you don’t spend unnecessary time traipsing around the supermarket.

Batch cook meals – This is a great idea. You can freeze sauces such as chilli, mince and gravy, lasagne, and curry into portions and then quickly heat them when you need an easy meal in a flash. This is great if you or your partner work shifts or if you have hectic evenings filled with after-school clubs.

Have a good routine – Save time on a morning by preparing things the night before. Pack lunches and other things needed for school – including food technology items, homework and pe kits can all be sorted the night before and save you time and stress on a morning.

Give other household members jobs to do – If your children are old enough give them simple chores to do around the home with a little incentive – pocket money, sweets, a new toy if they keep to their side of the bargain all work well. My three help fold the clean washing, put their own away and tidy their rooms each week. Sometimes they help with the dusting and vacuuming too. If you and your partner work similar hours they can help with the chores too. Take it in turns doing the dishes, washing, dusting and ironing or have a set list of chores that you both do. Working together and splitting the tasks can take the pressure off you both.

What hacks do you have for making your life easier?


*This is a collaborative post*

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