King Size Bed with grey duvet covers and lots of cushions that are green and white in colour, making it look cosy and adding to the Hygge feeling

How We’ve added a Little Hygge Happiness into Our Home

For the last month, we have been working with the Scandinavian furniture store JYSK, who have recently celebrated the opening of there 2500th store worldwide. At the start of our collaboration, we hosted a competition and introduced you all to JYSK. We also asked you, our readers what made you happy in your home. Your results were collated, along with those from other blogs who were taking part in the same collaboration. We recently published the results of the findings – you can find the results here. This post is going to focus on how we have transformed our bedroom with the help of some products from JYSK and how they have helped to add a little Hygge to our home.

light board with the hashtag HYGGE

We have lived in our house nine years and our bedroom was the only room that hadn’t been decorated. We had kept the same purple walls and the same brown carpet as the previous occupants but we have finally had the chance to change everything in there. Until now it hasn’t been a room we have spent a lot of time in. I love to read and have always wanted somewhere I can go to chill out and enjoy my books.

We decorated the bedroom and bought a new carpet whilst we were waiting for our new furniture and accessories from JYSK to arrive. We chose a king size bed frame and mattress, chest of drawers and a triple wardrobe furniture wise and storage boxes, cushions, a throw, artificial plants and some lights to accessorize our room.

King Size bed with iPad sat on top of a grey duvet. ^ cushions sit on the bed too green and white in colour.

All of our items arrived safely and in perfect condition, I can’t thank the two delivery drivers enough as they carried all 17 pieces ( flat packs and mattress plus two boxes) upstairs to our bedroom. As you can imagine there was a lot of assemblies to be done and between  Matthew and I we got to work building everything. We found everything we needed for each item of furniture inside the boxes although the instruction manual for assembling the bed was missing, luckily for us they were online on the product page of the JYSK website so we could use the iPad to guide us.

The attention to detail for every little thing makes a huge difference. The instructions were easy to follow and all the parts we needed were clearly marked so there was no confusion. Although the items aren’t expensive compared to other products on the market they are definitely a good option to consider when you need to buy new furniture. Each piece of furniture is well built and will last us a long time. We were impressed with how strong everything was when it was complete.

image of a king size bed in a mirror on a triple door wardrobe

I’m not going to lie. It took us a while to build the furniture and we even had some help (or hindrance) from the cats but we are so thrilled with the end result. We now have plenty of storage space for all our clothes and belongings and I now have somewhere I can relax on an evening and enjoy my reading. Our room looks homely and cosy for the first time and it is a room we both want to spend more time in.

A collage of two cats sat on the flat pack furniture and boxes. One cat is black and white, the other is tabby.


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