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Making Use of Your Spare Room

At the minute we don’t have a spare room in our house but if we build the extension that we are planning in the future we will have at least one room that will be spare (roll on being able to plan and build the extension I say). I can’t wait until we have the extra room as at the minute we are all so crowded and we have no storage space for anything.

If you already have a spare room it may be space that is being wasted – I know I have at least three friends who just use their spare rooms as storage rooms for boxes and junk, it may also be that you just don’t know what to do with it. If you are struggling with ideas as to what to do with your spare room here are my suggestions.

An Office – If like myself you work from home, it can be hard finding the space to work. At the minute I flit between the pc and desk at the end of our living room and a laptop on my knee. I would love an office of my own where I could have my own little place to work.

A Home Gym – If you enjoy exercising at home ( I really don’t like it but I do it because I have a wedding that I am planning) and have or plan on having lots of gym equipment then you need room to put it all in. If you have a spare room then you could transform it into your very own fitness area. I would love to have enough space so that I could have a treadmill, exercise bike and a rowing machine at home. But for now, I will continue with my HIIT DVDs and weighted hula hoop.

A Guest Room – If like us, you will never know when you might have visitors to stay over – we live so far away from all our family and friends that when they do come and see us they sleep on the sofa or an inflatable bed in the living room. I would love to have a spare room with a guest bed from The Sleep Station in it. I think I would have a double bed in the room if there was enough space but then again I think I would consider putting a single bed in there that has a putaway mattress instead so that if we needed the space for more than one thing there would be enough room for everything. Having the single bed would mean that if the extra mattress wasn’t needed it would be neatly stored away underneath the main bed. It would mean that our guests could stay for as long as they liked and they would be more comfortable than when they have slept on an inflatable bed or the sofa, plus it would look much nicer in the room.

A Play Room – If you have little ones then letting them have the spare room for a place for their toys to live would be a great idea. Having three boys we were lucky that they all liked and played with the same toys but it still meant huge amounts of train tracks and Scalextric running all over the living room. As they get older you can move the toys out and change the room into something else.

A Snug –  I love the idea of having a mini library in my house. I would love a heap of beanbags and cushions, a big cosy chair or sofa and lots of bookshelves. It would be my idea of heaven. I could escape in there whenever I wanted.

If you had enough rooms you could have all of the above, if not and you only have one spare room you could easily incorporate a couple of them together. You could have a guest bed and a desk or you could have a sofa bed so that it can be used as when required.


Do you have a spare room that’s just wasted space? If so, do you have any plans for it?


*This is a collaborative post*


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