A Christmas present wrapped in white wrapping paper for a wife or girlfriend perhaps

Five Great Ideas for a Christmas Present for Your Girlfriend

Are you struggling to come up with an idea for the perfect gift for your girlfriend? We’ve compiled a wide-ranging list of ideas to give you some inspiration, so you make her Christmas wishes come true.

It all adds up

Lots of small gifts can often have more meaning and be more sentimental than a single, more expensive present. It shows you have put thought into the gift and have taken the time to carefully select a range of items that you know will be perfect for her. You could decorate a box or basket in which to present your present and fill it with all sorts of small gifts. You could include a photo frame, luxury soap, jewellery, bath products, her favourite, chocolate, a CD, a book, a voucher, cosmetic products, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Take her away

You don’t have to give a physical present on the day but could give your girlfriend a trip away to look forward to. This could be something as extravagant as a weekend away to the city of love, Paris, or you could opt for a staycation. Whether you book a night in a hotel, an Airbnb, a night glamping or a night camping (best to wait for the summer for this one), it’s the chance to spend more quality time together that is important.

Test your craft skills

Christmas is undoubtedly an expensive time of year. We spend money on travel, decorations, food and, of course, gifts, so why not put your craft making skills to the test and save some money? You could put together a photo album or a scrapbook to display your favourite memories as this is something that times time but not money. You could also put together a CD of all the songs that remind you of her or that mean something to you as a couple. If you enjoy singing, could even try recording some of your own songs or covers to put on a CD. Alternatively, why not try some Christmas baking? You could make some Christmas themed cookies or mince pies, like these mince pies with spiced orange crumble topping by Waitrose.

Red bauble with silver star on it attached to a Christmas tree

Pamper her

At this time of year, when the weather can be unkind and harsh on our skin, our skin needs a little TLC, and so do we. Why not pamper your girlfriend by giving her some bath products, makeup, luxury soap or a facemask. You could buy her some natural skincare products, like the ones offered by Tropic Skincare and help her feel a little more loved and pampered this Christmas.

The experience of a lifetime Finally, why not take her on an experience to remember. Virgin offers a wide range of experience days including, spa days, cookery courses, off-road driving, makeovers, photo shoots, flying lessons and afternoon tea. These are all things you can do together, allowing you to spend quality time together while trying something new.


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