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How to Find Fun Adult Activities Near You

Despite the endless ways to connect with people nowadays, loneliness has become an epidemic that spans across the globe. Adults especially find it more and more difficult to make and keep friends. People become so absorbed in their own worlds that they forget how much is going on around them. One of the best ways to combat loneliness is to search for fun things to do in your area.

Many websites exist to help you discover new adult activities to try like learning a new language, sharing your love of badminton, or building and flying model aeroplanes. Even if you don’t know what you like, just pick something that seems interesting and go from there. You never know you who might meet or where it could lead you.

A computer may be the easiest way to find local activities for adults, but it is not the only way. Check out a few suggestions for finding fun things to do near you both off and online.

Websites to Search for Fun Things to Do Near Me

Technology gives someone the power to isolate themselves, but it works as a great tool for reaching out and finding fun things to do as well. Here are a few highly recommend websites with great reputations for bringing people together.


Meetup is one of the most popular websites dedicated to connecting people with similar interests and hobbies. Someone creates a get-together through the website and like-minded individuals can register to attend. Since individuals form the groups and you can search specifically for gatherings in your local area, the possibilities are endless. Join a wine tasting or book club, meet up with cyclists to check out local trails, or learn the finer points of taking pictures with local amateur photographers. Since the meet-ups take place in person, you have a better chance of further socializing opportunities and do not feel the pressure of organizing a second meeting. You will always run into one another again at the next Meetup.

Nextdoor Unlike MeetUp, Nextdoor is not completely dedicated to organizing get-togethers. It is marketed as your neighbourhood’s private social network and helps you connect with other people within your specific neighbourhood online. You can share information about local services and contractors, theft and crime, and, most importantly, meet people in your area who want to socialize. You can organize and market a neighbourhood event or rally people together to support a local initiative. Many local representatives even use Nextdoor to communicate with residents and get input and feedback.

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For people looking to kill two birds with one stone and get some exercise while they socialize, Active is the website for you. It’ll force you to get off your exercise steps and join in with activity based gatherings like fun runs, hiking trips, local sports teams, and family-friendly outdoor events. You can narrow your search down by the type of sport, event dates, how far it is from your home address, and much more. Active is not just for experienced athletes. The less fit can still find plenty of meet-ups to get started on their fitness journey, or simply to have a little fun doing something different.

Take a Class at Your Local Community Center

Science tells us that people often need to form new friend groups after major life events like losing a job, a loved one or moving. If you find yourself in a new town without many connections, your local community center is a great place to start. You can search online if you have not noticed one near you yet. These centres act as a hub to connect engaged community members and provide information about local happenings. They generally offer fun, educational classes, as well.

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Most of All, Get Out of the House

It may seem like the most obvious suggestion, but if you really want to find that perfect thing to do on a Tuesday night then you need to get out the house. Go to the places you want to be and ask questions. If you always wanted to try your hand at improv, Google the closest community theatre and go talk to them in person. Even if they do not offer a fun activity for adults there, they may be able to point you in the right direction.


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