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Things To Consider When Having Family Over For Christmas Dinner

With December literally on our doorstep, my attentions have turned to Christmas and all the amazing and fun things I have planned for us as a family. It is my favourite month of the year as it means I get to spend lots of quality time with my boys and our families. Of course, everything I do all leads up to Christmas Day and making it the most magical day possible. One of my favourite things is preparing and then enjoying our Christmas Dinner.

How many people are you having over for dinner – You need to know this before you can plan anything else. Usually, it’s just the five of us for Christmas dinner as we visit our families on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. In previous years we have had my stepson stay for the Christmas period and we’ve had my brother in law and all his family too – it was a lovely get together that year and one we will be recreating next year – at his house.

What is on the menu – Another important thing to consider is what are you going to be eating – Turkey, Beef, Goose and all the trimmings. Make sure you leave enough time to cook everything. There’s nothing worse than waiting for the sprouts to finish cooking whilst everything else was already half an hour beforehand – timing is key.

Choosing your theme or colour scheme – I always like my table decor to match the decorations in and around my home. This year’s colour scheme will be the same as last years and we are a natural/nature theme and will be having gold, bronze and red decorations on our tree.

Having enough places for everyone to sit comfortably – If you are planning on having the whole family over for lunch you need to think about where everyone will be seated. We’ve all had emergency chair moments – which as comical as they are it’s no fun if you’re the one who gets the short straw and has to sit on the smaller chairs. If you are looking for a new table this Christmas ready for your family Christmas dinner consider visiting Lifestyle Furniture. They have tables and chairs to suit all budgets and family sizes. An oak table would be a great investment as it will last for years and years. If you have a small family but have extras over at Christmas then an extending table would be perfect for you.

Decide where everyone is going to be seated – Will everyone all be sat around the table together? When the boys were smaller and we visited relatives over the Christmas period they would have a separate table for the little ones to all sit together. The boys used to love this as they got to sit with their other family members.

And lastly….

Who is doing the washing up – I don’t know about you but this is the one thing I leave to someone else at Christmas, If I’ve been busy in the kitchen making all the lovely food I certainly won’t be the one doing the dishes – even if it just loading the dishwasher, it’s not my job and one I’m happy to delegate to someone else.

Do you have a small family gathering for Christmas dinner or do you have everyone over? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


*This is a collaborative post*

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