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Things A Novice Golfer Needs Before Setting Foot On A Green

So you want to take up golf as a new hobby? Do you know what is expected of you whilst visiting a golf club? Do you know how to dress or the rules of the game? If you said no to any of these then you need to do your research. Here are my recommendations for any golf beginner. 

An Understanding of Golf – This is a must before you even step foot on a green. The game can be complicated at first so it’s important that you have an understanding of the rules of the game and the lingo that is used out on the course. Do you know the difference between a bogey and birdie? If not then you definitely need to read up on the rules and lingo used.

An Understanding of the Golf Club Rules – You need to know how to behave whilst at the golf club. Some clubs are for members only and you won’t be able to play unless you are signed up. Other clubs you can only become a member by being invited by other members. As a beginner, you may want to seek out your local club and see what they have to offer a beginner. Each club had its own etiquette and you need to know this when visiting so as to adhere to the rules and not be thrown out.

Hire an Instructor – If you have friends who play golf it’s great if they’d like to help you with the basics but if you want to take up the game on a more serious basis then an instructor can help you to hone in on your skills and show you where you are going wrong / how to improve.

Appropriate Clothing – You can’t just walk into a golf course or on to a green without the appropriate clothing and footwear.  If you aren’t wearing the right things you may be refused entry to the club / not allowed to play on the course. Visit Function 18 for all your golfing needs. They have everything any golfer could possibly want or need from shoes, jumpers, shirts and shorts to jackets and belts and trousers.

Equipment  Needed – There’s no point in spending a lot of money on equipment until you have decided if golf is the game for you. Start with the basics – balls and tees and borrow or loan clubs if you can whilst you get the feel for the game. If you do want to buy your own clubs from the off remember you won’t need one of everything that’s available to start with so make sure you have the important ones first. Once you know that you are keen on playing regularly you can then upgrade your clubs and other equipment that you might need or want. Once you are at this point you will want to buy items that will help improve your skills rather than just look good.

Do you play golf? If so what would you recommend for a beginner?


*This is a collaborative post*

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