My Dining Room Wish List

Regular readers will know that I have massive plans for my house in the next few years. This includes having a kitchen/dining room instead of my current living room/dining area (that is, in fact, our computer area).

If I had a house that was lucky enough to have a separate dining room or when I get round to my home overhaul here are a few of the things I am most looking forward to being able to have:

A Table – A Solid Oak Cream Rectangular Extendable Dining Table would be the perfect centrepiece to my dining room. It’s stylish look will give any home (including mine) a sophisticated yet modern feel. If you like this table too you can buy it here. I love the idea of an extendable table so that when we have guests over there is plenty of room for everyone around the table and when we are celebrating special occasions where a large meal is made/set out there will be plenty of room. At the minute we don’t have the room for a table but I would love to be able to sit down with the boys to help them with their homework and for us all to be able to sit down at meal times together.

Chairs – Obviously if I wanted a new table then we would need chairs. I would either choose a table and chairs set that matched or I would pick some tall-backed chairs to match the oak table I’ve mentioned above.

A Sideboard – I love the idea of somewhere for all my “mess to live”. Having a sideboard would give the boys somewhere to keep all their craft supplies and board games safe and me somewhere I can place a vase of flowers and some lovely pictures of the boys.

Patio Doors – I would love to be able to have my doors wide open when the weather is nice so that we can enjoy being able to sit on the patio or just inside the house but still enjoy the nice weather. Imagine all the natural light they would let in too that would be perfect for dark and dreary days so we could keep the lights off for a little longer.

I live in hope that my house renovations aren’t too far away until then I will keep dreaming about my perfect rooms.


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